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So here's my deal. I am just finishing up Psychology & Sociology this Summer(Boy was it tough). They are my first two classes towards a degree in nursing. I also am scheduled to start a CNA program on August 11th - In two weeks.

The problem I am facing is I am confused about which way to go. My original plan was to just do my pre-reqs, finish by next summer, and start the RN program next fall. But the thing that is killing me as a Los Angeles resident is $Money$. I can't afford to work as a CNA for $9, 10, or 11 bucks an hour, pay rent,pay car payment, cell phone payment, etc.. and go to school full time for 2 1/2 years. So I am thinking of going the route of LVN, and then directly to the ADN or BSN - RN program, after I finish my LVN.

The thing with this is, I have been reading here that LVN/LPNs as new grads are having a horrible time finding work in Los Angeles. I hear that all hospitals, and LTC facilities are asking for 1 year experience. I also hear that hospitals are fazing out LVN/LPNs.

For me the idea seems pretty logical to be making enough money to get by independntly. I might be eating spam and cup of noddles everyday, but knowing my bills are paid until I can finish my RN program is all I want. I can't do the CNA or CHHA thing for the next 2 to 3 years. Or could me working in a LTC facility or hospital as a CNA/patient care tech be beneficial to me If I go the LVN route?

Can anyone advise me on which way I should go? I have to pick my Fall classes, so I need to make a decision soon. I'd like to hear from LVNs, and RNs. I am open to all responses.

Thank you all!


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What have you been doing to support yourself up until this point?


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Good question! I have been unemployed, with small odd jobs, since August of 2007. So I have supported myself through those jobs, a small savings, and unemployment. Prior to unemployment, I worked in the real estate industry.

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Is your LVN program a certificate program or a step of the nursing program? (mine after two semesters of the RN program you can take your LPN) If it is a certificate program, maybe do that. I have just finished my RN classes after working as an LPN for the last 2 years, and I must say that it has helped with my RN studies as I have seen a lot of the conditions (I work at a hospital). TO get "in" as an LPN, you need to get a foot in the door probably by getting your CNA first and as they see that you are smart and a hard worker, you might have a better chance of getting a job there with your LPN. Whatever you do, finish your prereqs before entering an RN program.

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