Can Anyone Give Me Another Perspective?


If there are any current or past students who are or have attended CGCC and have a positive perspective on the school and the program I would love to hear from you. I appreciate the students who have started threads who weren't very happy there, however I know there are always 2 sides to every story. This program has finally come back again this round and I am curious to hear from students who were successful there. Any advice you can give us waiting on how to make it through that particular program would be appreciated greatly.

Good luck on Tuesday everyone:o


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Crystal 74,

I am a block 4 CGCC student. I can say that I have had a positive experience with this program. I went into it knowing about some of the negatives that were out there, but was determined to have an open mind. It is a lot of work, a big time commitment, and at times required more independent study that I had thought. On the whole, the instructors in the classroom and in clinicals were great and I have had a good clinical experience as well. There are of course some seemingly silly assignments and projects that I felt took up my study time, but being organized, keeping up with the reading and having good study habits should helped me be successful.

I hope that answers your questions, feel free to send me a private message if there are any specific questions. Is the next placement on 2/22? Good luck on getting placed!!


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Thank you so much for replying, are you in the accelerated program? The next placement run is on the 22nd so finger's are crossed for everyone still waiting.

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i do not go to cgcc, however i would like to note that several people in every program complain about their program and say it's a negative experience... such is nursing school. just realize everything is subject to change, it is very labor intensive, be ok with those things, and you'll do great. i get so tired of hearing people whine about every little thing- i wish they would either put on their big girl/boy pants, or move on out so people on the wait list who really want to be there can get in.

good luck on getting placed!