Can anyone give me some ideas?


I am currently doing a private home health case through Maxim. I enjoy it and have been doing it for 2 yrs. but getting a bit burned on it and looking for a little change. I am an LPN and was wondering what other home health cases or visits are available to us and how well do they pay? I am on the highest paying case they have because of the nature of the case. I enjoy the patient and would not want to leave them just perhaps pick up something extra but don't know what else is out there because the only agency I have been with is this one and they only do cases. So what else is there? Thanks!


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Before anyone can give you an answer, you need to be a little more specific about your location. In general, if this is the only case that Maxim has to offer you, then you are going to have to check out the other agencies and maybe do a shift or two on your days off or somehow around your current hours to add a little variety. Maxim offices usually have many cases open at any point in time. Offer to do another case to get acquainted with it so that you can fill in when the regular nurses go on vacation or call in sick. It is generally good practice to be oriented on more than one case at a time anyway. You never know when your current full time case may end for any reason. If you are working occasional shifts on other cases then you won't be totally without work should this happen. I've met nurses who are oriented to (or capable of walking into) most, if not all, of the agency's cases. These persons can actually stay gainfully employed full time doing nothing more than being available for call offs and vacations. Unfortunately, the agency can't keep very many nurses employed this well.

So ask your staffing coordinator at Maxim to let you work some shifts on different cases occasionally. It will help with your boredom problem, and also make you more valuable to the agency. By the way, as for the pay, I was paid at my same pay rate by Maxim no matter what kind of case I was on. So, if you don't say anything, chances are that they may let you work another case and not dock your check.

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