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Can anyone direct me to a place I can get a question answered about the HESSI nursing


HI! I am also new to this. I am a computer retard.Can anyone direct me to a place I can get a question answered about the HESSI nursing college entrance exam? I am in a panick.Was ready to take exam and apply for entry to block 3 of LPN to RN advanced placement program..when I realized that there may be physics on the exam..EXperienced my first full blown panick attack trying to learn physics from a book without an instructor, as the course is neither suggested nor required for entrance;Yet they are testing on it.And I cannot get a straight answer as to how far I should go studying for it!


If anyone has taken the hessi entrance exam for LPNs, and can advise me without disclosing test content, please reply and or email me and I will be forever in your debt.I can hardly put words to my level of distress over this.The review manual from HESSI has a physics section, but the sample questions require a calculator to answer.They are very mathmatically involved, and we are only required to take math 122( intermediate algebra) and I was not taught how to solve these dimentional analysis style questions without the use of a calculator.

For instance, how would I calculate "2 pie radians" and place into a problem talking about circular motion? or m1v1+m2v2=m1v1'+m2m2'v2', solving for velocity of 2nd object? OR !!! (last but not least,sad.png and this is a sample question)

F=Gm1m2/r squared therefore (6.67x10 raised to the 11th power/Nm raised to the second power/kg squared)x(860kg)x(650 kg)divided by(300meters squared)=4.14x10 raised to-10N. All this WITHOUT the use of a calculator in 1 minute or less????? My head is just whirling. I have spent far too much taime trying to learn this topic to the neglect of the far more inportant ones.If anyone is able and wiling,please advise.

And, thanks for listening.

"frustrated but determined to succeed"

book.png A returning student from Arizona


Thanks for the site.That helps immensly with the net.But unfortunatly my question is amimed at the HESSI exam which Is seperate from the net. But This is a step foreward.Thanks

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