Can an agency decide to not give me work anymore?

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Hi, I am a new grad community nurse. I having trouble to complete APRS and could not finish it on the clients I admitted, I did provide the good care though. There was a near miss med error from another nurse and the blame is I gave wrong report, I missed care on a client due to communication gap, I beg to disagree though. can an agency decide not to give me anymore work?

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In an at-will employment arrangement, the employer can terminate the relationship without a contract. So, yes, they could decide not to give you any more work.

It is difficult to provide feedback without more information about your situation, including your setting, orientation, and time spent there.

It seems like there is a concern about your job performance. As a new graduate working independently, this might contribute to the issue. Did you have an orientation with a preceptor or nurse who could provide guidance and support? It might be helpful to reach out to them for a discussion.

If the agency has such a structure, you may request a performance improvement plan from your supervisor. However, it's possible that the agency you work for may not offer that level of supervision and support.

Again, they may be expecting too much, too soon, from a new grad. If you believe they are going to stop using you, you may want to start looking for another position.

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