Can A LVN start and run their own independent flu vaccination business?

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Hello friends,

I've been nursing for coming up on a year now, and I must say I do enjoy it! With that said, I have recently had strong entrepreneurial feelings running through my young and robust veins!:yes:

Would one (nurse) be able to run their own mobile flu clinic? I haven't worked out all of the details but I imagine it would be a mobile clinic, catering to local small/ medium sized business. Set a date, go to the place of business, give some teaching on universal precautions, ways to cut down on infection etc, and give everyone a poke after they have signed releases of liability. Running it through in my head it sounds like a dream come true, and I feel my assertiveness and confidence would convey perfectly into a business like this.

What are some problems I would reach? Legal? Does my license allow this?(CA licensed), where to get vaccine? Do i need a Dr's order?

Also, general Nursing entrepreneur thread!!




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I know a certain flu shot clinic out of Phoenix was/is recruiting nurses who had an entrepreneurial bent to do just that. Find venues, set up and administer. I worked for them doing retail and industrial clinics for a season just out of school a couple yrs ago, and did quite well. They have sent me a job announcement every year since. However, I got hired to work urgent care and did not pursue their opportunity.

I first heard about the company here on AN. Management does not allow mentioning their name - not sure why. My experience w/them was positive.



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Thanks for the reply! I have some questions stemming from your reply..

This "flu shot clinic", who exactly staffed it? Was it an MD and other corresponding staff members? How would the get their vaccines? Legal hurdles?



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I'm positive you need a license and dea number to continue, I am going to coordinate with a doctor to start this but I not sure of how to begin and operate one as far as guidelines and paperwork. I wonder if you need to be a licensed agent first



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You would need a medical directive. Even pharmacies that give out the shot have physician's orders and access to emergency medical treatment.

In RHs we give them only when the in house physician is accessible for that reason.

Try reaching out to your local Public Health Unit - they would have more information that would help you.