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Camp starts on Monday! Where is everyone going???? Hopefully we won't have too fly many kids out this summer.


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I'm going to Camp High Sierra for two weeks and I am so excited. I am taking my two children and they are thrilled.

Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!


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Camp Redwing for the Girl Scouts of SW PA. Super excited


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Congrats Angel,

What have you done to prepare if anything other than what you already know.

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I'm doing my 3rd season as Health Officer at Camp Anna Behrens, Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore. It's my first season as a NURSE though--in 2002 I was hired as Trip Specialist and had to have wilderness first aid, advanced CPR, etc. for that job. They didn't find a camp nurse and spent more than the entire season's budget to have an RN there from 9-5 for the first two weeks, so I got the job. I was kept on for 2003 then took 04 off to take Microbiology...that was the end of my RN school adventure. Now I'm an LPN and back at camp where I belong. :D

Have fun everyone :)

I wont say exactly what Camp I'm going to but I will say it's a Girl Scout Camp!!!!

I'm so excited it starts in 2 weeks!

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