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Camp Pendleton/ Oceanside Area


I graduated this month (May 2009) with my BS in Nursing and I'm a military spouse trying my darnest to work at the Naval Hospital on base but like every other place I've checked, they say they aren't hiring. Is there any new grad nurses or current nurses that work at the Naval Hospital that could help me out in this situation. Also, is there anyone familiar with the area that could give me names of other hospitals that may be hiring. I've tried Tri-City Medical, Saddleback in San Clemente and Scribbs, this is very troubling but I know it will all come to past. If anyone has any information please please please let me know.


It's a bit of a commute but there's Palomar in Escondido. And Scripps La Jolla a little bit further south....


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Since you're a military wife, I wonder if you're eligible to apply to the VA hospital?

I didnt even proofread my thread i meant Scripps and I have tried them but their openings are only for experienced RNs.

To LVN-RNHopeful: I didnt even think about the VA. I should be eligible because a classmate of my applied there and she isn't affiliated with the military.

I'm actually in wait for a call from scripps encinitas for their new grad residency. their application was closed last friday and theyre in the process of calling applicants for interview by now. i've tried online application to tri city and palomar, fresenius and even kaiser but theres no available position for my status. although palomar told me that they'll soon have their RN residency program.

i feel its a little harder on our part since we're categorized as new grads but there's always a room for us. we just have to wait. i already wanted to start working as a nurse but i can't if no one will hire me.

i think it's good if we'll keep in contact with each other Gem, cus i'm at san marcos and use to go to oceanside. atleast our hospital targets would probably be the same.

Goodluck to both of us. hope we'll land a job here in the north county SD


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I know it's a commute, but since you're in North County, have you considered Orange County Hospitals? Or Fallbrook? When I used to work for Camp Pendleton EMS we would transport Patients to Mission or I think there was a Hospital in San Clemente. Also, Saddleback Hospital. There are plenty of hospitals up in that area. Might be worth looking into.

2busRN that is absolutely fine with me if we keep in touch. LVN I don't really know much about the area but I'll check the Orange County hospitals. Also, I've applied to Saddelback San Clemente and I never heard anything back from them. Um should I call Human Resources for the hospitals if they don't list New Grad job positions? Neither Palomar nor Fallbrook listed job openings as New Grads only Clinical RN I so I didn't apply cause I figured it was for an experienced nurse. So if one of you can shed some light on that it would probably help me out even more. I thank you all very much for your help I had posted a thread like this before and no one every responded which made me very discouraged.

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