Triage Log book?

  1. At camp I'm required to document each camper that comes in, their concern, and the treatment provided. This has to be in a bound book. Last year I used a bound journal-like book and I had to draw extra lines on every single page to make it more like a chart which was a PAIN.

    Anyone know of a pre-made log book for camp or school nurses that I can buy?

    What do you document in?
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  3. by   androrn
    You can get lined, bound, page-numbered log books from stores such as Staples. They aren't cheap but they fill the need. I think the ACA also sells something.

    We are going to try to computer chart this year. We are working with the camp software company to set something up. I hope it works so we can get away from double charting. We currently chart in the log book and then copy that info to each camper's medical record that we keep so that it is easier to track what is going on with each camper. A lot of unnecessary writing but the only way we could figure to do it. My director likes to see the details of each day, so only making a brief sign-in note in the log book didn't work.

    The way I understood the guidelines last year is that if you use a charting system, you don't necessarily have to keep the log book. If you think about it the charts are not really any different than what you have in most doctors' offices and those are legally binding also. Don't know if you are at a full summer camp or not, so don't know if this would work for shorter camps.

    Hope this helps.
    Happy camping.
  4. by   BonnieSc
    Yep, I'd say the ACA books are the simplest way to go; that way you know you're complying with their requirements. You (or the camp director, preferably) can order the books on the ACA website,
  5. by   Neveranurseagain
    I didn't quite like the layout of the ACA camp logs so I went to Staples (or Kinkos) and had ones made up to my spec. Check with your state also to see what they require for charting/documentation.
  6. by   SnowbirdRN
    How did the software work out last summer? I ended up getting the ACA book which was okay but if I could computerize this year, that'd be GREAT!
  7. by   androrn
    Quote from DanaCharlee
    How did the software work out last summer?

    Once all the bugs were worked out, things went well. Our camp uses Easy Camp software. They were able to give us a file drawer for medical so we could chart on each camper. Basically we set up a form with their basic health info so we didn't have to always pull their charts. As for notes, it was straight narrative charting (think SOAP note). The nice thing was that I could run a daily report to hand into my directors each morning. Much easier for them to read and follow. At the end of the summer, I ran individual reports for the campers and attached to their charts. Of course everything is also backed up to disc when the whole system is backed up. The down side is if it is busy, you end up charting after the work is done---but then again that happened at times with the log too, especially with more than one of us seeing campers during sick call.

    This summer we are expanding it to be able to chart the counselors visits also. We kept them on paper charting last year. We are up for ACA review this summer, so I guess we'll see if they have any complaints, but I don't see any reason as there is another camp management software out there that allows the same thing.

    Can't wait til June. Need some Maine fresh air.
    Happy camping!

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