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    Gosh, I'm learning so much here everyone!! I became so interested in this idea a couple of weeks ago and the more I learn the more I want to do this. Question? In those of you who took your own children to camps with you - did your children stay WITH you all the time? Or were they included like a regular camper - ie. cabin assignment, counselors, groups, activities etc. I have an 11 year old son - never been to camp - ADHD - and this would be a wonderful opportunity for him! But it would be impossible for me if I was responsible for him 24/7 - or even 12/3.5 and act as a camp nurse. And do camps usually pay for your childs transportation as well? Did any of you have children that came for only part of the summer or time you were there?

    Any help really appreciated!


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    Gosh I don't know as I have never done this type of nursing but would have loved it if my kids could have went with me when they were little......

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    Aages 2-6 kids stayed with me. 6-7 traveled with gang daytime, return to sleep with me--after 7 was in a bunk.

    I hired a babysitter for $75.00 week who was given free camp accomidations/meals to watch kids in daytime. My room was off to side of Infirmary. It is 24/7 work. Rarely off 2 days out of 9 weeks; HOWEVER, i also communitted twodays a week to city as visiting nurse was gone for 12 hrs then. Soon as I walked into camp, eveing sick call started

    We had many ADHD kids at camp. Since ours is heavy sport emphais, the kids would get out and about. I did have to a pay canteen fee of $200 for snacks/ movies. Youngest was horsebackriding at age4 and had ribbon which he cherrishes to this day. His Birthday was last week of camp, sowe had parties there for 6 years---he still insists on a Pinata.

    You have nothinf to loose--micht look to see if camp in your area hiring.

    Read all the posts here. I wold go back in a heartbeat if not major breadwinner now. I'm still told by owners, I was the best RN they ever had---that's 5 years since I worked with them.

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