How did your kids acclimate to camp?

  1. Sure, my kids are excited now, but what about the whole summer? What unique challenges did you and your children face, if any? Did your kids still get homesick even though you were there? Did they ever "fake sick" to get into the Health Center to see you? Did any other children resent the fact that your kids had their parent there and they didn't? Did their needs ever get in the way of your professional duties? Was it hard to let college students take over their care, even if it meant watching them let your kids do things you'd never allow? (Too much sugar, etc.) Any insight on this would be interesting to hear about, thank you!
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  3. by   Erikadawn RN
    My 3 children were 6,8,10 and my niece was 8 also our first year in camp. My sister had just died 4 months prior, so that's why I had my niece. My 6 year old visited often, and sometimes spent the night with me in the health center. He did not stay the entire 9 weeks with us, he went home after the first trip. His answer was I miss Daddy. The other children adjusted well, there cabin mates would like to accompany them to the health center, I had good snacks. Gotta be discreet though. I didn't have any issues with there counselors, because I "always" treat there counselor a lil special. A Walmart run means a lot , when your stuck in camp. The only issues were if it was an argument with another camper or a disagreement, then you will always hear about it. If it was another camper, the parents would not be notified. But I did get to intervene with my daughter, and teach her, no we don't tease people who have a chronic case of lice. Now after 4 years, my youngest can ake it threw all 3 trips. At my camp we had free hour, and they would often visit, but sometimes I would not see them for a day or two. They were having too much fun. Two of my children got medication, so I would make it a point to go to the dining hall for morning meds. I will not be working at camp do to me taking a new job, but they will attend. I hope to be able to work a few days though.Good luck because camp is fun!