Down Time

  1. Hello! This will be my first summer as a camp nurse and only my second nursing job since graduating. I am excited and nervous! (can u be both?) My question is when u have free time what do you nurses like to do? any suggestions on type of snacks to bring?
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  3. by   Alex Egan
    I like to read. I bring a camp chair and sit outside in the shade.

    Snacks. Well make sure you abide by any restrictions your camp has, ie no nuts. I bring an electric kettle for hot water and have noodles for emergency meals. Whatever you bring try and get a plastic container to store it in otherwise the mice will get it.
  4. by   VioletKaliLPN
    On my down time I hike, swim, do yoga, or workout. I am very active and enjoy "playing" at camp too. I love that it is encouraged.
  5. by   vampiregirl
    I'm another reader. I've already begun collecting a stack of reading material for my week of camp later this summer. I also took a puzzle book last year. My camp week is kinda a technology vacation for me as well (except for my cell phone - emergencies, weather, looking things up). Since the campers can't have electronics, I think it would be a bad example for me sitting on the front porch of the health center reading from my iPad.

    As for snacks, another consideration is bugs/critters! For me it's non-perishables that don't melt easily in containers that can be sealed tightly.