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I finsihed my assignment as a camp nurse. I worked at a lovely camp in Upstate New York for 30 days. The oppourtunity was fantastic for my two children ages 11 and 13. They had the time of their... Read More

  1. by   nightingale
    Is anyone looking for a camp position yet?

    Are you returning to the same camp? WHY?

    What sort of compensation are you looking for?
  2. by   NRSKarenRN
    You lucky dogs getting to sleep in till 8AM!

    I was usually up by 6:45 AM as totting two toddlers.
    Had to be in dinning hall by 7:45 AM to have breakfast over by 8:15 as first swarm of older campers hit breakfast hall at 8AM and would be pounding on my door for sick call.(Learned to love bagels with whitefish, onion and tomatoes...snuck in bacon after 6th week abstinence, cooked in my microwave but stunk up infirmary even with Industrial fans running)

    Sick call was held till 9:30 AM. Expectation was to try and have everyone starting sports/arts by 9AM. Had about 75 out of 250 campers with daily meds--same kids for nine weeks. We did not prepour. Camps expectation was child needed to be knowledgeable about what meds they took; they had pill bottles in individual baggie and took out doses themselves. Smaller kids, new campers were supervised first week closely. Peer pressure to get out to activities was great motivator to get out of my office quickly. PM sick csall longer 6;30-8:30 when Pediatrician/Camp owner available.

    I did have weekly kardex and check off that camper came and took meds. Periodically checked bottles/doses especially for kids on seizure, Ritalin type, antibiotics etc.

    We operated from standing orders for cold/allergy/flu ailments.
    Docs sutured minor injuries in infirmary, back of car on way to movies etc.
    HAd one camper needing weekly labs that I drew and made arrangement at local hospital so staff just dropped off there. Everything was done to minimize camper time away from camp. Did in my office ROM/PT/OT per discharge instruction/Therapist sheets.

    Learned TONS about well child care and disease prevention here.

    Took my own car yet only was out of camp to play 4 times over 9 weeks. Did leave 7A-7P to do homecare Tues/Thurs and upon immediate return had PM sick call, overnight campers so by week 3 had several 18-20 hr days. Car access would be critical to negotiate into any contract along with time off especially to out of home state.

    will write more later.
  3. by   nightingale
    Sounds like a lot of work on your end Karen...

    Karen, thank you for sharing your experience. I consider you my guru in Camp Nursing as you first inspired me.

    As they say.. everything is negotiable"

    Next go around.. I do not expect to make a killing for salary but I will negotiate time off and time with my children.. I found I "missed the tremendously".. though the director said everyone was treated the same it really was not true.. If you negotiated it up front.. and knew what questions to ask... yo got what you asked for if it was in writing...

    Coincidently, while searching last night on the Internet for something else, I came upon a website for Camp Nursing positions in my relative area. I faxed them an inquiry and we shall see what they have to offer.

    I do intend to put my application up for viewing at the webiste for American Camping Association. It is still very early to be looking. I remember suggestions to start and negotiate early Feb. and Mar.

    Anyone else have anything going on?
  4. by   Ashera
    Gosh, I'm learning so much here everyone!! I became so interested in this idea a couple of weeks ago and the more I learn the more I want to do this. Question? In those of you who took your own children to camps with you - did your children stay WITH you all the time? Or were they included like a regular camper - ie. cabin assignment, counselors, groups, activities etc. I have an 11 year old son - never been to camp - ADHD - and this would be a wonderful opportunity for him! But it would be impossible for me if I was responsible for him 24/7 - or even 12/3.5 and act as a camp nurse. And do camps usually pay for your childs transportation as well? Did any of you have children that came for only part of the summer or time you were there?

    Any help really appreciated!

  5. by   nightingale

    I just saw your post for the first time and am happy to answer.

    My kiddos (14 and 12) come with me. Last year, I camp nursed for 1 month an airline ride away (in NY State) from the west.

    My children were real campers. They got to be involved in ALL the activites just like the other children. It would be best to participate in a camp that allows your children to fully experience the camp as a camper.

    The is year, ( still negotiating) I hope to be at the camp all summer and my chidlren will be there for 8 weeks. We anticipate their participation to be exactly like all the other campers.

    It is fair to assume you will get your childs camp experience without fees and a stipend of some sort for you. I would deffinitely ask for aall travel reimbursement and a wage of some sort.

    I am going to drive to the camp tomorrow (4 hours from home) to "check out the camp" and the directors etc. My son is going with me for feedback and fact finding.

    I hope that info helps you. Let us know if there is anything else.
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  6. by   Desertnurse
    My daughter (age 10) went with me last year to camp. She was a regular camper and was treated just like all the other campers. I didn't even see her for the first two weeks of camp! Her tution and spending account were paid but not her transportation to camp. That was just my camp's policy...only staff transportation was reimbursed (up to a limit of $300) Every camp is different.

    My camp was all girls and 7 weeks long, same girls the entire time. It was a great experience for both of us and we are returning again this year for another adventure!
  7. by   nurse-in-boots
    Im about to rap up my first week ever as a camp "nurse". seems more like a camp counselor. Anyway, Im working at a Jr. ROTC camp for army cadets. These are girls/boys ages 14-16. Mainly, my job is sick call twice a day, and go to the field with them. So far, no major incidents, except a case of poison ivy. Most of the kids with "stomach aches" and "headaches" usually just turn out to be homesick. figured it out after talking to them for a while. I get paid about $100 day, with my meals paid for. (eat with the campers). The other two nurses, one NP and other RN, are also army, along with every counselor. I LOVE IT! Anyway, tomorrows our big trip to the lake to play. Friday is the last day of camp. Cant wait till next year. Yall enjoy the rest of your summer
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    I get paid about $100 day!
    Hold onto that job.

    Only made $1,800 for 9 weeks, 14 hr days too!
  9. by   NurseAlmost
    I worked last year at a daycamp, which sounds WAY less complicated than overnight camp....I worked everyday (except weekends), from 8-5. The health centre was generally overflowing with kids at any given time ( a lot of accidents...also a lot of fake tummyaches). At the end of the summer I was exhausted and vowed not to return this year...but I am going back! It's close to home, good hours, full time, and my son gets to attend. Plus, since I am still a student (off for the summer), this job is the best paying one I have ever had. However, since I will graduate in December, I don't see myself going back next year.

    Highly recommend day camp nursing for a student summer job!
  10. by   nightingale
    I made $ 500 for a month plus reimbursement for travel! YOU have us beat!

    I wish WE had a day camp here in Colorado!
  11. by   angelkay
    About camp nursing, I am curious about how this is for LPN's?? Is it worth it?? Is the money all they say it is?? What are the different types of camps out there?? what are the requirements?? what part are you responsible for?? In terms of getting there and back?? your kids?? who pays for this?? Please share your input.

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