Camp nurse regulations

  1. I'm going to be camp nurse for the first time this summer and have been reading a lot of your forums to get ideas. When it comes to staff meds (or camper meds for that matter) there seem to be a lot of issues and concerns regarding privacy vs safety. My main question is where does one find information regarding state-specific regulations about these issues? Do such regulations even exist?
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  3. by   BonnieSc
    In CA, it's a Board of Health thing--they regulate the safety of camps and daycare centers, and one of the things they look for is locked medication cupboards. Other states have different camp oversight; the states I know of that are more regulated are Michigan and New York, but I don't know what PA might or might not have. Many of the "regulations" come from ACA, which is an accrediting body but not a legal one.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    from aca: standards at a glance

    look and health and wellness standards.

    in pa regs minimal, also under dept of health.

    national info: state regulations
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  5. by   kcangel
    There isn't I whole lot of regulated issues related to camp nursing. I've been doing a lot of research because I just rewrote the entire nursing policy & procedure for our camp.
    Basically you start with the state board of nursing which is usually very broad. In MO the county health department also has some input and camp nurses also follow some of the things that school nurses do.
  6. by   Sacajawea
    I am a day camp director in Monmouth County, NJ looking for a camp nurse. That is actually how I found this site. We follow both ACA and Board of Health protocols. Any tips on where to post for camp nurse positions?