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i'd like to become a camp nurse when my kids have grown and moved. i was a gs leader and loved taking my troop to camp and also love camping with my family. i am currently an lpn with little... Read More

  1. by   nurseprnRN
    so long as every time you hear the term "camp nurse," from a camper, staff, or parent, you say, "i'm not a nurse, i'm the healthcare coordinator," you're good. but if one kid has an adverse outcome and the parents said, "the nurse said..." there's trouble brewing. have fun and know your scope.
  2. by   troop742
    Definitely join ACN!! And read Myrna and Linda's book! ACN members also offer a one day class, Intro to Camp Nursing, offered in different places around the country. They also have a yearly symposium in conjunction with ACA National Conference. Compass Point, the quarterly magazine, is chock full of good stuff, too!
  3. by   A.Brook
    Quote from kfrancesca09
    I had a nail in the foot, bee stings, vomiting, and fevers (not all from the same person, of course).
    Hey Kfran I am a camp nurse myself and I am interested in what you did for these kids.
  4. by   A.Brook
    At my camp we have 2 nurses; one is a school nurse and I am in the ER. It seems like this is a pretty good combination because I am more familiar with wounds/emergencies and she has more experience in getting the kids to take their meds. Our camp is for special needs kids so I appreciate her tremendously.

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