Anybody have the book by ACN on camp nursing?

  1. Curious if anybody has "The Basics of Camp Nursing" book by the ACN. I was wondering if it was worth the purchase for someone who has 10 years of pediatric nursing experience, including inner city pediatric ER.
    Does it deal with field nursing, trauma? Is it just basic nursing skills? I'm curious before I hand over the $$.
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  3. by   BonnieSc
    This book is absolutely worth the money. It is written for experienced nurses who haven't been camp nurses, not for the new nurse. (In fact, I think experienced camp nurses would still learn from it.) Personally, I think you should consider it required reading for yourself! The book talks about managing a health center and integrating your health center with the camp experience, tips on getting along without much equipment, how to interact with the camp director, and much more.

    I worked at camp for many years before entering the nursing field, so I've seen it all from the other side. The biggest problem we've had with nurses is that they don't "get" camp. Your pediatric nursing experience will be invaluable, but your role at camp is going to be very different--this book will give you a leg up. Don't hesitate!
  4. by   Avelinne
    I took this book to camp with me and found all the things that my camp was not complying with as far as ACN guidelines. I did not bother to read this book until I was sitting 1100 miles from home with a hostile camp director demanding that I work under horrible conditions. Big mistake! This book is full of tricks and tips that made my experience more bearable. Written by an experienced camp RN for nurses, very helpful.
  5. by   dragonheart
    ACN Camp nursing is worth the investment. I use it as a reference and recommend it because it covers a wide variety of aspects and practice and is written by experienced camp nurses.

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