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Well I just signed my 2013 contract. I just can't seem to stop this camp thing. Is anyone else signed or working towards their summer job?... Read More

  1. by   Alex Egan
    Quote from arronlpn
    I am working at a Boy Scout camp this summer. I use to work there when I was younger. I had a goal to work at least one summer. I got a job as the first ever full time cub scout camp nurse so I get to setup my building and everything from scratch. Both nervous and excited since I have to meet my state and the Boy Scouts of America's policies.
    Arron where in the USA will you be at? Also if you are going to be a solo nurse, on your first run I really recommend the Basics of Camp Nursing by Linda Ebner. I enjoy working with the scouts, I run a yearly first aid derby here in central pa.
  2. by   m0lasses
    I found my spring and summer camp nursing jobs on the "nonprofit jobs" section on Craigslist. I also picked up a camp issue of a couple parenting magazines and went on the websites of the advertised/featured camps.
  3. by   CampNurse1
    I can't tell you where I work or I would have to hunt you down! We are off to a good start, with weekend groups scheduled all spring. I have been fortunate in finding great nurses this year, and am fully staffed. I wish you all the best this summer, and do not hesitate to contact me if I can help.
  4. by   mimi_p
    I am a school nurse doing her first summer camp gig! I'll be travelling with my son from Texas to eastern PA. This will be the first summer he will be old enough to go to camp. Found the job on the ACN website. We are both looking forward to the experience.

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