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Do any of you have camera's in your office? This was just brought up in our team meeting this morning. I am in California at a private school. I am 99% sure the secretary hates me and just wants to spy on me, but at the same time, my door is always open unless I am at lunch or off campus.

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Why do they want to do this? This has so many privacy considerations. Where will the camera be pointed? Will it record sound as well as video? I think the only reasonable implementation of video surveillance would be outside of the office to see who walks in and when, but that video of the office itself would be a major HIPAA violation.

You may want to bring the privacy implications up at your next meeting, especially if they are continuing to push this forward...

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Thank you! The secretary hates me. That is the reason why 

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I would object because it's a privacy issue for your students.  It's nobody's business who and why the kids are in your office. 

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