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calling all Pennsylvania cna's

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i will be moving to penn in julycould any of you recommend(sp?) places to apply to work? in need of job as soon as i arrive

There are a ton of places to work in pa as a cna. The nursing homes around here hiring you pretty much on the spot. Its really easy to get a job. The only thing is your co workers try to bring you down, if your better than them. You have co workers that are very ignorant to the residents and dont try them like family, like how they should. Your best bet is to get into a nursing home, because hospitals dont hire to many entry level CNA-s

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Try the Assisted Living Centers in the area, they are always recruting personnel. Most of them offer free Nursing Assistant Training.

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you could try, Harmar Village in cheswick, Presby in Oakmont, HCR Manorcare in Monroeville. The VA in Pittsburgh is excellent place to work.

Your right about that. Hospitals don't really hire CNA's unless you know someone that works in a hospital. Last week Presbetarian Hospital were hiring for several CNA's Positions which is a apart of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. I know I spelled that wrong lol.

Another good way to get into a hospital is to apply for house keeping, kitchen aid workers etc... just get your foot in the door and then once you see a CNA position available apply for it. Most companies hire in house and then when they can not find anyone for the postion at the hospital then the company place ads in papers etc....

Try not to give up the jobs are out there, its worth all the sweat and tears once you do get it.

Is there a decent job market for new CNA's in Pittsburgh, PA? And what paid training facility would you recommend in that area? Thanks!

Actually I don't not in that area, however I was paid, trained, and eventually certified free of charge Fair Acres Nursing home. Its located in Media, PA close to Lima PA. The classes are for 2 weeks, after the second week you are on the floor dealing with residents with your instructor. After the 3rd week you are put on your permanent floor to be precepted by another CNA for about 2 weeks and then you take your certification.

Its really a great place to learn and get certified.

I heard of a place in Philly that trains you and you get paid.

I am pretty sure there some in other parts of the state as well. You might just have to google or call the state to find out.

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