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Calling all missionaries!


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I just wanted to raise some awareness, and was wondering if anyone had heard of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, or their health mission. This church has planted hospitals all over the world, in some of the most remote locations. This one hospital I am drawn to in particular is the "Bere Adventist Hospital" located in Chad, Africa. Sandwiched between Niger and the Sudan (where Darfur is, some of you may have heard of the Save Darfur campaign). Anyway, have any of you considered working as missionaries? This hospital is run by 1 doctor, and I believe 4 nurses? My girlfriend are thinking about taking a leap of faith, and taking our Nursing careers to the hospital in Africa! What do you all think? Have any of you thought about being missionaries?

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Yes, I have thought about doing medical mission work and would like to some day!~

Just be very careful...africa is not the most stable.

Best to you!


Specializes in Telemetry, Psych. Has 2 years experience.

Thanks! I am aware that Africa isn't the safest, but it's got one of the highest needs. God's got my back, and I suppose should I die, I'll see him soon enough anyway =)

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Although I was not a missionary I did live in the Sudan for several years. I also spent a good deal of time working in other parts of Africa. If you would like to PM me I would be happy to answer some of your questions as best that I can.

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