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Hi everyone I know this sounds stupid and I'm embarrassed for even asking but I'm a new lpn nurse I work in a ltc facility and when it comes to calling the doctor I get really nervous. Esp when it goes to voicemail I don't want to pause or messing up. Let's say labs came in for a resident whether the values are normal or abnormal how can I say it without messing up? I want to sound professional. Also with family members when a fall happens. Thanks!!

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when I was new (20+ years ago), I'd make a little outline of the all pertinent info, like lab values, V/S, any other criteria. Then call. If you're prepared, you'll get past the nervousness! Good luck, it all just takes time and you'll be old hat before you know it

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Use the SBAR format and write it out if you have to. It helps you organize your thoughts.

Situation - The situation is the Mrs X in room 10 is short of breath

Background - She was admitted yesterday with a COPD exacerbation and she uses home 02

Assessment - She is SOB with a RR of 28 and an SP02 of 92% on room air

Recommendation - I think she needs a breathing treatment

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