Calling All LSC-NH 1172 Survivors


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well, i have survived my first nursing class, prep for basic care. i think we all stressed entirely too much over this class, we were making things harder than necessary. i am so relieved it is over, but the nerves have already kicked in for what is to come.

starting august 25th, the "real" nursing classes start and all the fun begins. found out that we will be going basically from 8 am until 4:30 everyday for the first three weeks. didn't see that one coming, so now i am trying to scramble to get all my bases covered.

anyone else out there feeling nervous about what their lives are "fixing" to be like? are you working? full time or part time? or able to do the school only thing? anyone want to start a study group for on campus or close to north harris?


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yea... I'm working night shifts 7pm-7am right now... I was able to pull that off for 4 years going to UH to get my bachelors. I'm not sure how that's going to work with the nursing program at North Harris. RNSG 1172 wasn't too bad. Professor Myers and Kendall actually made it interesting.

Did you go to Camp Wanna Win on Monday night? I had to work that night and couldn't get off. What was discussed, explained, any important info?


-Paul :-)


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hey guys!

I also survived 1172. I really wasn't too stressed out about that class, I'm am stressin now that class starts next week! I work only in the weekends, sat & sun at some retirement community. Its really slow paced and gives me alot of study time so, work won't be in the way! Plus I get the whole week off for school dedication!:D

I did go to CWW Monday, Tuesday and I'm going today as well. Mondays was very informative. The SNA group is really great, they really want to help us as much as they can. What really helped was to know their study & school exams schedule for the first semester, which basically is:

-lecture tests every other Friday, starting Sept. 5th being our first.

-Lab exams every week!

-Care plans due every week! (per them it takes atleast 10 hrs to do!)

-Then we have on top of that about 6-7 projects that are going to be due during the semester!


Can't WAIT to start! :uhoh21:

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