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Get him a sitter for a shift. I know it goes against productivity, but at least you would find out if he was just lonely or playing games.

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"now is an ideal time to talk about your discharge plan!!"

In all seriousness, does your hospital have volunteers? Maybe one can sit with the patient for awhile in the afternoons.


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Really!?? Everyone is required to answer call lights. Even my manager will come out of her cave and answer lights. The only one who doesn't is our nurse educator. She is lazy. She stands in the hallway telling people "room 21 light has been on for 3 minutes and 21.653 seconds." She just stands there staring at them like she is star gazing. I just want to be like...COME JOIN THE FUN!!! lazy turd. :) oops...did I say that?

Omg on my floor the other day a nurse came looking for me and found me in another patients' room assisting a patient and said:

"hey bringonthenight, room 1 is buzzing"

Me: "oh what did they want?"

Her: "oh I'm just letting you know they're buzzing" walks off like she's the best nurse ever.

I answer all call lights if I'm free or close to the room that's buzzing or walking past a buzzing room. I just always picture a patient having chest pain or almost falling out of bed and needing urgent help.

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