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i have wrote about this before but just want to update and get some advice.

I recently went back to centro med clinic and asked if they had any new positions open and was told that yes they would love to have me work there and remember me from the last time i went to apply.

the supervisor then told me that she would fax my papers to her boss and wait for her to call her back.

well she called me back and said that she had to wait for my background check to get back in and then we can go from there.

well that was wednesday Nov.3,2010 and i had not heard anything from them so i called back friday Nov 5,2010.

The lady i had spoke to said that she really wanted me for her clinic but her boss wants to move me to pedi department in another clinic and i am fine with that as long as i get in with the company.

Later that day i recieved a call from her boss and she told me i would like to meet with you on Monday Nov.8 at 11am to get to know you and all that..

Monday came and i showed up at 11am and the boss was called and she said she was out on a family emergency and to leave my name and number so i did.

I called the first lady i had been speaking to yesterday and she said that her boss had called me to say that she was sorry about not being there but she still wants me to work there at the clinic and would probably be able to meet with me tomorrow thursday but i did not recieve a call today giving me a time or anything and i dont know if maybe she is still out on family emergency.

what gets me is the waiting..I tried calling her today but no answer.

i dont know if i should go in to the clinic tomorrow and see if shes in or just continue to wait on her phone call??


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I would go in and if she's not there leave a message with the secretary....

The job I have now, I had to call them every step of the way. After the first interview. After the second interview. After the background check. To ask when orientation started. I had to call HR. I had to call the orientation people. I had to call my friend who works there to get on them to get it going. They were just unorganized and didn't really seem to care much.

One of the other jobs that I really wanted, I just waited for them and they just never followed through. I think back and should have been on them more because that one paid more.

I am just kinda "iffy" because she was out monday due to her mom being in the hospital. I dont want to be so pushy that i dont seem to care if she has family problems. I have called her office and she never answers.

The things is I never know what clinic she will be at to go to that specific clinic and ask for her.


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sounds like they're trying and that they're interested. They're just not moving and following up as you might like. hang in there.

im trying...i was thinking maybe i will just wait to call or anything until monday???

i really want this job and i hope they call me back soon!!

I think the problem is that this lady has personal problems, it isn't on purpose. Gently call to remind them and don't think the worst. Once the lady has things together, I doubt she will leave you in the dark.

im trying so hard not to think the worst...i really want this job..but all i can do is wait! and i really want to start working again.

3wks ago i worked in a LTC place and quit due to this new job

and the LTC was a risk to my license,,i was only orientated for a wk and was put on the floor as a new grad alone with 42pt.