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Hi, I would like to hear how your dept handles callbacks. Our call starts call at 5 pm. If there are late cases the call nurse whose shift ends at 430 clocks out at their sched end time and back in call back. Last week I clocked out at 507 pm and was called back in at 5:27. The Payroll and HR dept are not saying this doesn't constitute call. You have to be out of the hospital for "2 hours" and isn't OT unless you work more that 40 hrs. We have been doing this for 10 years and now they say they are going to revise the policy- it has not been done yet and this is news to all of us who take call. They didn't even have the courtesy to inform us they just changed our time cards without notification. How do other hospitals pay their day nurses who stay on call after work?

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OR, not radiology. I get call back the minute after my shift ends. If I'm working until 1530, at 1531 I start call back. If I leave only to get called back in again from the parking garage (has happened several times) it starts as call back. I'd get a copy of the facility policy to look at.



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I ha e it and it doesn't specify however payroll has. Whim auditing charts that have less than 30 min between clock out and in. Apparently they are in the process of changing the policy to be more clear however it has not been done. What they did do is take away all of my callbacks and said they would only pay callback for the weekend shifts. The week days are considered " an extension of my day".