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California OT question


I know you're supposed to get OT after working 8 hours in a shift, but do you get OT if your total weekly hours add up to less than 40 hours or does the weekly total not matter? In other words, do you get OT if you work three 12 hour shifts?

There is an alternate work schedule rule so that a hospital does not have to pay OT for hours 8-12. They can, and I know a hospital that does but not all do.

Now if you are a regularly scheduled 8 hour person and you work 12 hours those hours are OT, at least where I work. We have 8 and 12 hour workers on my unit and throughout the hospital

If you are indeed getting overtime after 8, that cannot be taken away. But picture a forth and fifth shift. First 8 hours of each shift will be straight time. Time after 12 hours is double time as are all hours after 60 (including regular hours).