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  1. Is anyone out there on the wait list or in the nursing program at Yuba College?
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  3. by   darengibo
    Yes. I am around #100 or so on the waitlist. I take the HESI on 6/11
  4. by   latina2brn
    It's great to hear that SOMEONE out there is on the waiting list at Yuba!

    So you take your Hesi soon huh? What are you doing to prepare for it?
  5. by   darengibo
    Sorry, didnt see your post waaaay back in May!
    I passed the exam and was just asked if I would accept an alternate position for this Fall! have my orientation tomorrow! How about you?
  6. by   latina2brn
    That's great !! I start 8/17 as well. How did your orientation go?
  7. by   darengibo
    Orientation went well. I am the next alternate, so may not start in Fall, but definitely Spring!
    I left my packet at home and am at work.. can you confirm with me that the lectures are M and W 9-1250 and then the clinical is TR 630-2pm?
    just trying to get my work schedule organized!
    congrats on starting!!
  8. by   kmremie
    Hi I am currently on Yuba's wait list and would love to know how it is going for those of you already in their program?
  9. by   darengibo
    I am starting 2nd semester in August with rotations in Med Surg II and Maternity/Peds. I love the program and my 1st sem instructor was AMAZING!! I have a great core of friends/classmates and while nervous/anxious to start 2nd semester, I am also looking forward to the challenge.

    What is your waitlist #?
  10. by   kmremie
    There is about 150 people ahead of me currently, BUT I noticed Yuba went through many numbers this last go around to get their current students. I am sure people apply lots of places and so many on the waitlist are really no longer waiting. Glad to hear you are having a positive experience.
  11. by   Wan2BRN
    Hey there Yuba students. I just wanted to say hello and wish you all well for this semester and your RN career. I can't wait to apply. I am doing pre req's right now and hopefully it will fly by. I still have awhile, but it's great to see others from our small town on here too.
  12. by   RNDude1
    How is the Yuba program these days? I started in about 2004 (I've since graduated from another program in another state) and the program was so horrible. I can't tell you how many people got tossed because a few instructors with emotional problems didn't "like" the student. The cellar-residing passing rate was a reflection of this reality.

    I've wondered if any corrections was made.
  13. by   QC82
    Has anyone check what your waiting list number is? I went from 1104 last year to 77 as of today. I was told the Pathophysiology class must be taken by this summer at Yuba City college. They will not accept any other patho class other than from Yuba or Santa Barbara City College (which has a prerequisite to the patho class btw).
  14. by   QC82

    i may be starting this fall or spring '12. can you tell me what the schedule is like for your first semester? i'm hoping to work but now sure how that's going to work out. according to their website, it says that lectures are online or televised, is that correct?