what are master time records and performance evaluation?

  1. hello guys, im kinda new here. and i was wondering if someone could help me with this.. i got a call from juvenile court house services for an Rn 1 interview, but before i can get started with the interview i have to fax the following:
    1. rn license
    2. cpr card
    3. resume
    4. performance evaluation for 2 years
    5. master time records

    so what does requirements no. 4 & 5 mean?
    how do i get it?
    do i get it from my employer and does that mean they know im applying for a diff. job?
    sorry for all the questions, but i dont know what to do.. advices and answers from your experiences will greatly be appreciated. thanks in advance colleuges
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    I'm guessing that #4 would be any evaluations that you have from any prior jobs for the last 2 years. As for #5...I don't know. Perhaps it's something for internal/state/county employees only?

    To be honest, I would call juvenile court and ask exactly what they are looking for in regards to #4 and #5. I think that would get you a faster--and more accurate--answer.

    Best of luck on your interview!
  4. by   sublime_e2000
    thank you for your reply, i shouldve asked that when i spoke with the lady earlier, but i didnt bec. i dont want to sound stupid or something. hehe
  5. by   nihaojailan
    Thats's because most hospitals aren't using physical timecards anymore they use Kronos now a days and you can just print it out when you log in your account. #4 means an evaluation from your boss, usually on the 1st 90 days, and then 6mos then annually thereafter.

    goodluck on your interview
  6. by   yobab15
    I'm sorry for butting in but I just finished my interview for RN I Juvenile courthouse in LA, CA. They also asked me these requirements. #4 Is the performance evaluation they do after your probation (3 months) or yearly evaluation. Its like a grading sheet on how you did your duties as a nurse. #5 Its like a summary of your total clock ins and outs showing your days of work and days off. I let our secretary print mine and just made my own format with the months on the side and days on top and I'll just put an X on my days on and O on my days off. They accepted it. I'm also nervous to this field of nursing because it's new to me. Best of luck to us.