West hills hospital

  1. Have you worked at West hills hospital? If you have could you please PM me, I have questions to ask. Thank you. I am graduating in less than a year and I need a little insider scoop on the hospital. Thanks again
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    West Hills Hospital is a facility where I had two different clinical rotations 2 years ago. One was med/surg, and the other was L&D and postpartum. Since I have never been an actual employee of West Hills, I cannot offer any useful information on the working environment. However, I noticed that many of their RNs had been employed at the facility for 10+ years, which is a good sign of employee retention. West Hills Hospital is a Tenet facility, and Tenet facilities generally have good reputations in Southern Cali.
  4. by   sharann
    West Hills is not Tenet as far as I know. I thought they belonged to HCA. Tenet does not have a good rep here in SoCal among nurses I know. West Hills has a union now which has increased pay rates and benefits. This is all I know except they seem to be a decent hospital.