Waiting Months for a Temporary Ca License?

  1. Hi--I'm wondering if anyone has found that they had to wait for 1-2 months before getting a temporary license in CA. I'm soon to be licensed in Michigan. When I called the BON to inquire about temp licenses, they said that while I can go to Sacramento office and submit my paperwork, it could take 1-2 months for them to verify my licensure in Michigan, during which time I would have to wait for my temporary license. Have other people encountered this? I thought it would be possible to get a same-day temp license in Ca. Thanks!
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  3. by   goingCOASTAL
    I never applied for a temp because I live and work out of state. I applied directly for the permanent licence, and from application to receipt of the license in my mailbox - 7 weeks. Not really bad if CA is a plan for the future.
  4. by   haji
    yep, I am licensed in TN and applying for a cali license. Its awful. After a month they sent me a letter saying I had to take Sociology. I have 2 bachelor's degrees counting my bsn. I tried to contact them for a week but its impossible via phone or email. So I drove the office in Sacto 2 hrs. away. They told me to buy a temp. license. 30 minutes later (after they processed it or something), a lady came out and said it was a mistake, I didn't need any more college courses. But I had to keep the $30 temp license. I drove home not sure if I was happy b/c I didn't have to take Sociology or if I was pissed b/c I drove 4 hrs and they got $30 more out of me.
    They are not my favorite people. Good luck.
  5. by   NurseguyFL
    Maybe I'm just lucky but twice last week (on different days) I called the California Board of Nursing and got through to a live person after only a couple of minutes with no problems at all. The lady I spoke to there said the fastest way to get started working in the state if you are already licensed in another state is to walkthrough, and:

    1. Apply for a temporary license at the same time when you apply for the permanent one (costs an extra $30 but worth it if you want to get started working right away)
    2. Use Nursys (if your home state participates) (Costs an extra $30 but worth it)
    3. Use livescan if you are in or can get over to California to have it done. I found out that they will not accept livescan fingerprints that are done outside the state.

    She told me that in most cases you will walk out of the BON office on the same day with your temporary license in-hand and you can use that to start working right away. She also said that using livescan and nursys greatly reduce the application processing time.
  6. by   Sally12
    It was quick and easy for me
  7. by   suzanne4
    They need to be able to verify an actual license number from Michigan.
    I was able to get a temporary license that same day. But you must make sure that they have received the verification from Mi, or they cannot do anything.

    I do not think that MI participates in Nursys..............

    I suggest that you follow up with Mi and ask them how long that is takes for them to get verification to CA.

    For a permanent license, you will have to dfurnish a copy of your nursign school transcripts to them, sent by your school. You will not get one without that.