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I applied for the VA in Palo Alto's New Grad Program. I know they closed it to applicants today and have 20 openings. Has anyone heard anything or know anything?... Read More

  1. by   lynette.johnson
    I'm a BSN grad with 8months LTC exp. as an RN. When I emailed the nurse recruiter and asked about the progress this was her reply, "I am still doing some last minute review and negotiation for new graduate slots. I plan to send email updates to all the candidates by next week. Thank you for your patience". I'm not sure how to take that. Is there a hidden message? Maybe saying that I'm not in??? Not sure!
  2. by   cubeo
    oooh man..ADN will be disqualify for VA new grad program? that sucks!!!
  3. by   MrNurse007
    Good news!!! I know that all of you have been waiting to see if they started to contacting for interviews... so I just received a call at 1pm from the hiring manager of VA Palo Alto Long Term Care. She said that there are only two spots and that she just started to call to set up interviews. If you did not put Long Term Care as one of your preferences, then you will not get a call. I turned it down because I already accepted a full time position that is starting Aug 3. Good luck to everyone!!!!
  4. by   nursechickpea
    Quote from MrNurse007
    Yes, please do ask your friend about the interview process. I greatly appreciate any help because like many on this forum, I do not know any nurses.
    I had an interview, it was a panel, it started with 4 but one nurse had to go back to the floor so for most of it there were 3 people interviewing me; the nurse manager of the unit, the manager (not sure if that's the correct title) for the day, and two senior nurses from the floor.

    The questions were very standard, directly from a form they all shared and took turns reading from (what I would expect from a gov't interview). Then there was a tour of the unit.

    The hospital campus is beautiful, the technology at the VA great, all the staff very nice, all of which made a great impression on me...keeping my fingers crossed!