VA Medical Center, Long Beach - New Grad Program

  1. Has anyone heard from or been called by the VA about being accepted or called in for an interview for the New Grad program starting in June?
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  3. by   deliverator
    I still haven't heard anything. Has anyone here in the LA/Orange County region applied to the New Grad program at the VA in Long Beach?
  4. by   cc_RN
    yes, i recently was contacted from the VA in Los Angeles. They said that I was 'tentatively selected.' Funny thing is..i called 2 wks after I submitted my application and they told me they had chosen their applicant. Then 2 wks later (just last week), they called and said that I was chosen and that I needed to come in for a physical, security info, etc. and to bring in my official letters of recommendations.

    I go in tomorrow. Im assumming I will be 'officially hired' once all of my paperwork is completed. It is the federal gov't, so they are strict when it comes to that. My aunt has worked for them for 20+yrs and said they won't say you are officially hired until all of it is done.
  5. by   SLM3
    Hey, just curious if this has always been the case. Do you have to be a Valor/SNT to obtain a new grad position at the VA in Los Angeles? I just saw a Staff RN position posted that says Valor-SNT only.