Unit Clerks? in san diego

  1. I'm a pre-nursing student and I want to get a job as a Unit clerk, if I don't get into a nursing program soon i'll go for CNA training but right now i'd like to know how much unit clerks make and does it depend on where you work, I plan on working in the ICU, also what do they do besides assign rooms and page nurses, and do you nurses know if they are hiring unit clerks anywhere in san diego.
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  3. by   eandgsma
    I don't know how much they make here. A lot of times they are also called a unit secretary. They do a lot of paperwork in addition to the things you mentioned. The best way to find out who is hiring unit clerks/secretaries is to go the their websites. All the hospitals in the county have websites that you can search for jobs at. Try Sharp, Tri City, Palomar/Pomerado, Kaiser. And Good Luck!
  4. by   tanaynicole
    I'm an LVN (working on getting my RN). I worked as a unit clerk for nearly 6 years. I started at about $12/hr in 1998 and was making $19/hr when I quit in April of this year. As far as I know it doesn't make a difference which department you work in;especially if the clerks have a union.
    As a unit clerk I nevery acutally assigned rooms, the charge nurse acutally does that.
    I worked on a Mother/Baby unit and I spent lots of time entering orders, phoning MD's, and correlating rooms, and information between other floors in the hospital.
    I think its a great idea to get some/any type of hospital experience while in nursing school, it will give you a HUGE, upper hand over your classmates with out any.

    Best of luck to you and I hope all works out well.

    PS. I live in Northern Ca, ( south of san francisco), the pay rate may be slighty different, but I don't think it would be that different since the cost of living in the two areas are close to the same.
  5. by   prmenrs
    Also try UCSD. It's called a HUSC (Hospital Unit Service Coordinator) @ the "U". If you can get into an ICU, you'll learn LOTS!! (You'll also work your ( ) off, in all likelihood.