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Hello to all prospective UCLA Nurses! My name is Matthew and I'm a CSU Long Beach alumnus. I'm currently working as a Super User RN for the UCLA Health System. I hope this thread will be able to... Read More

  1. by   Newbie, RN
    Quote from CaliRN07
    Has anyone received the official offer letter yet from HR?
    I have only gotten the offer letter from HR (the one where you have to accept/decline the job offer).I was contacted by Employee Health to schedule the physical, but they realized that I was up to date on everything, so I didn't need to come in. I got the on-boarding email from Greentree, but then the recruiter told me to disregard it bc I wasn't a new hire. So I am really confused and will be contacting them first thing next week if I don't hear anything definite by Friday...
  2. by   lint8929
    How did some of you guys become super-users? Did you have/ need experience in order to become a super-user? very curious since this is the second time I've heard of this term.
  3. by   gemP11
    Thanks for sharing... I know priority automatically goes to BSN, but do you know what the ratio was for ADN nurses? I'm an ADN nurse from Santa Monica College but will have my BSN by the end of this year... any info will help thanks!
  4. by   gemP11
    Hi Newbie RN! I hope you got the position! I'm writing today to see if you'd mind sharing whether you graduated from an ADN or a BSN program....

    Did anyone who got called for an interview graduate from an ADN program?
  5. by   CaliRN07
    @lint8929: To become a superuser at UCLA, you had to be a new grad with a BSN and computer charting/customer service experience was preferred. I found the job posting on the UCLA career website and it was a great learning experience! Many superusers were hired into UCLA's Residency program because we were considered "internals" and had experience with their new computer charting system.
  6. by   lint8929
    Thank you @CaliRN07 for your reply! How long were you in this position? And congrats to you for landing a job at Santa Monica!!!!
  7. by   CaliRN07
    Thanks @lint8929!! It was only for 4 months
  8. by   lint8929
    @CaliRN07: 2 more questions that just popped into my brain: did you have prior RN experience and were there a lot of ppl, during your employement as a superuser, in the nursing field? Thanks!
  9. by   CaliRN07
    @lint8929: I had no prior RN experience and there were about 400 external superusers hired (most of them were new grad nurses).
  10. by   PhilipG
    Hi everyone! I'm applying for this upcoming round of applications. Does anyone know of any potential surprises like "First 500 only?" or an assessment RIGHT AFTER submitting your application?
  11. by   ocennia
    Hi everyone! I had been checking the website for a new grad program app but I guess I missed it?? Is anyone round opening?? Thanks!!
  12. by   NurseDippinDots
    I don't think there is a limit to the number of apps that they receive but there will be an online assessment that you must complete.

    You didn't miss the app. I believe it's coming up on June 5th or 6th for the Summer New Grad cohort.

    Good Luck!
  13. by   Kerri076
    What type of questions were you guys asked on the interviews? Did anyone of you have to do any math questions?
    Any info would be greatly appreciated!