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Has anyone been hired at UCI Medical Center for the New Grad RN Program starting July 20, 2009?... Read More

  1. by   yesdog
    Hey! I took the nclex on Thursday. 75 questions. It wasn't too bad! I am just doing some silly calculations right now to make sure I won't embarrass myself on Tuesday's test! Ha! I can't believe we are really starting tomorrow! AND WE GET PAID!!! WOOHOOO!!! It is so exciting! We are so fortunate. There are so many new grads who don't have a job. Many of my friends who are so smart and who were such great nursing students are still without jobs.
  2. by   yesdog
    Here is a little "quiz" for you....
    Look at the new grad roster and see if you can figure out who I am!
  3. by   SweetDee RN
    Clever!!!!! Lisa "Yesdog"! See you in a few hours!

    PS- I'm sure my name gives me away...the only "D" in the group I think!
  4. by   tessa_lynn
    Hi there...how do you go about applying to the UCIMC new grad residency. I've been browing their wesite but can't seem to find the information I need. I am starting my last quarter of my BSN program at the end of September and am due to graduate this December. I'd like to start applying as soon as I can.

  5. by   janbug
    I'm almost in the same boat as Tessa, except I will be graduating with an ADN in December.

    Does anyone (who started the program this summer) have the contact info for the person in charge? I'd really appreciate it if you could PM it to me.

    Thanks in advance.
  6. by   tessa_lynn
    I would also like the contact information for whoever is in charge of the nursing residency program or nurse recruiters there.

    Thank you so much!

  7. by   yesdog
    I really have no idea who you would contact. I never even spoke with a nurse recruiter. All I did was check the website everyday. The new grad program positions will show up in the job openings. I then just completed an on-line application for each of the positions I was interested in. I was called a few months (yes months!) later by the nurse manager for sicu. I have no idea when they are planning to have another new grad program. The state budget crisis has limited any new spending. I start my new grad classes next Monday. If I hear anything. I will post. Good luck!
  8. by   janbug
    thanks yesdog! i'll keep an eye out on the website then.

    and good luck to you with your new grad classes! i'm sure your experience will be amazing.
  9. by   yesdog
    Thanks janbug. It really has been amazing. The new grad program at UCI is quite intense. It is six months long. I feel very fortunate to receive such great training!
  10. by   jessbank
    Hi nurses,

    I just graduated in May with my BSN and I got my RN in July. Yahh!!! only problem is i just moved here from new jersey a week ago eekk!!! I love reading your posts and getting some hints on where to apply.

    For everyone starting a new grad program, congratulations many times over, it seems really hard to get in around here.


    jessbank :-)
  11. by   yesdog
    I feel so bad for everyone still trying to get a job. I have hear that Hoag will be hired a lot of new grads this Fall so keep your eyes open. UCI will not be having any new grad programs any time soon due to the budget crisis. You might want to try getting involved in some organizations in order to network. ACNL is a good one to meet nurse managers and recruiters. Good luck!
  12. by   mixedfruit
    Hi yesdog, do you know if UCI is going to have new grad program next year? thank you!
  13. by   yesdog
    I have not heard anything. I will ask my nurse educator and be sure to pass on the info. Good luck!!!