Training program for semi-experienced rn

  1. I am relatively a new nurse, about 2 yrs in telemetry/stepdown cardiac. What can I do to increase my likelihood of getting a position in a training program for ICU or ER? I'm interested in UCSF and SF General but I haven't heard anything from them so far and am getting discouraged
    Is calling the manager of the floor too aggressive? Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   NTPinky
    Calling the mgr is not too aggressive, because they will almost NEVER call you back. I'm also a new grad in San Francisco, and have been so fed up with mgrs and recruiters here who make false promises and never return phone calls that I've started applying elsewhere, including Southern CA. Yes, the pay is lower but they called me back 1-3 days after applying. That's NEVER happened in all the months of my job hunting in the SF area.

    So yes, call them, but don't get your hopes up. In my experience they're never at their desk, and never return calls.