The Worst place to work in San Diego as an RN?

  1. Hello all San Diego RNs
    I am trying to gather some Valued Opinions from other nurses before I make a Critical Decision. Where is the worst place to work in San Diego as a New Grad RN? The facility where I have been employed for the last 12 years will be closing in January 2008. I have been looking into New Grad Programs in San Diego. I have heard terrible things about Kaiser & Sharp. I heard all good things about UCSD. I have worked at various facilities in the past, such as Paradise Valley Hospital, Scripps, Palomar, Mission Bay, & Sharp. I have been working in Mental Health, & am now looking for a change. I want to Increase my knowledge & skills without getting "BURNED OUT" early on. I have heard many Negative things about Kaiser, regarding how they will work you to DEATH!:uhoh21: I am interested in maybe Labor & Delivery, PACU, etc. Please let me know who offers the best new Grad program in San Diego, & where I can get Good Training & Experience without getting Burned Out Early On.:trout: What about Rady Childrens Hospital? What about working in The Federal Prison System? I heard that they pay $45 per Hour. A coworker just started working there. Your Honest opinions will be Greatly Appreciated. Your opinions will be Greatly Appreciated, & held in confidence. Please Respond!

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  3. by   LadyNASDAQ
    Scripps has the best rep of all you've mentioned for many years. I would work there first from word of mouth.
  4. by   LanaConga
    i second the scripps reputation. i hope to work there after nursing school. when i went in for surgery on my ankle the nurses were telling me how awful sharp is.
  5. by   lmessajumper
    Scripp's does have a good reputation but I have to say that when I worked registry at Scripp's La Jolla, they were in the process of changing their patient care procedures which involved getting rid of nursing asst's (PCTs). The PCTs would do EKGs, give baths to the post open heart patient's and some other duties. I worked 3 shifts where I had no one to help assist my patient's while I was busy, no one answering call lights, and one instance where I overheard the charge nurse tell a family member complaining about no one answering her mother's call light that their nurse "must be lying" about not getting the message that they needed help. I complained to the nursing supervisor and told them that I would not return. I was told once by a PCT when asking her to watch a patient transfer to the BSC for me (I was starting an IV) that she "no longer did patient care". I know I am going on and on but I was really disappointed in the patient care there. I guess everyone's experiences vary - you have to decide for yourself. I recommend doing some registry work at the different hospitals if possible before making a long term committment.
  6. by   NurseJewels
    I work in the Scripps System and it's by far been an awesome, positive experience. And some floors at Scripps La Jolla, not all, do primary care (3:1 patient to RN ratio with no CNAs), but on my floor we still use our CNAs and LVNs. I'm very biased, but Scripps has been wonderful and my colleagues at other Scripps hospitals have had positive experiences as well.
  7. by   eandgsma
    I don't know what you've heard about Sharp but I work there and I like it. I did a semester at Scripps LJ as well as my preceptorship and didn't like it AT ALL. In fact, I think they are behind the times. Anyway, it depends on what you mean by the "worst place to work". I have heard people love to work at Kaiser too. There are pros and cons to ANY hospital. It is all in the floor you work on and the people you work with. NOT just the system or the hospital.

    BTW, Sharp is the largest healthcare employer in San Diego. They just won the National Baldrige Award (a Presidential award). They also have two Magnet hospitals, one of which is to be announced next month.

    Your question shouldn't be what is the worst place to work in SD but where do you think I should apply in the _____field as a new grad? And my answer to that question is...anywhere that will hire you because the jobs are NOT as plentiful for new grads as you might think.

    - N
  8. by   Suninmyheart
    I am a new grad just off orientations at Sharp and I love it! Most of my co-workers love it. Be careful about such strong generalizations. And I agree with above poster. As an inexperienced nurse you just might be grateful to get an offer from anywhere. You probably won't have your pick.