Tele RN with 10 year experience try to find a job in Sacramento area.

  1. Moving away from Phoenix, thinking about Sacramento. I heard it is a nice place to live. With 10 yr tele experience, do you think I can find a job there? I don't have a BSN yet. But I have PCCN certificate.

    What is the hourly pay there? Any overtime opportunities in hospitals there? I have two small kids. Thank you for helps. Ken
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  3. by   Buddyken
    Is Mercy hospital a good place to work for?
  4. by   Buddyken
    Anyone works at Mercy Folsom?
  5. by   Buddyken
    Hey, anyone knows the area? Thank you?
  6. by   NickiLaughs
    Mercy folsom is supposed to be nice. UC Davis in midtown won't hire without a BSN. Sutter might. You have enough experience, but the job hunt can take a while here. I make 52$ with 5 years experience so you make around 58$/hr if not more. Night dif at my work is 6$/hr and weekends 3.50/hr. I can't speak for other hospitals but I routinely have the opportunity to work double time (16 hr shift) and xtrshifts.
  7. by   Buddyken
    I will visit Sacramento this Winter. Some people say Sacramento is very boring. Hopefully, my families will like there.
  8. by   akulahawkRN
    There's a lot to do in and around the Sacramento area. If you're willing to drive 2 hours, you can be at the ocean or in the Sierras. You can be walking along Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. There's activities around the Sacramento area itself too. There's much more to the region that I just don't have time to list but any area can be boring if you aren't willing to look around for stuff to do.

    I will say that winters are chilly, around 50 for the high, summers are warm with highs occasionally well over 100. It's usually pretty dry and right now we're in a bit of a drought. Sometimes it can get quite wet during the winter as a few years ago there was enough rain that we had a bit of flooding.

    Jobs can be tough to get, but since you're experienced and you're (hopefully) able to be licensed for California, it shouldn't take long for you to get a job here. I would highly suggest that if you're thinking of coming here that you begin the process of getting your license endorsed for here if you already don't have a California License. I would also suggest that you not move until you have been hired. Otherwise it may be too much of gamble...
  9. by   NickiLaughs
    It depends on what you view as boring, as the previous poster said there's plenty to do. What I've noticed compared to other areas we've loved, it's very hard to make friends. Not sure what it is, when we say hi to other parents at our sons preschool they look away. Only one neighbor ever bothered to introduce themselves when we moved to the neighborhood. Everyone else appears to be hermits. I will say people aren't very friendly, hubby doesn't like it, but he appreciates my paycheck, for now anyway....
  10. by   RN_stucky621
    Sacramento can be perceived as boring until you live there and find out that there is so much to do. The pay for RNs isn't as high as they bay area but you can make a pretty good living as described by Nicki. I would suggest applying to Kaiser Permanente as well as they are always hiring RNs with experience.
  11. by   Buddyken
    Thank you all for your advice! We will visit the area. I would like to work for Dignity Health if possible. Kaiser can be good too.
  12. by   karmyk
    Sac isn't bad. It's more of a family town-- lots of family-friendly stuff here. Most people who think it's boring either equate "fun" to a crazy nightlife scene or have never lived in the middle of nowhere before (being military, I've been stationed in places that have helped me appreciate what Sac has to offer).

    You'll have to be patient with the job search-- it's pretty slow here right now... Though some of that is related to union contract negotiations. I've heard that a lot of nurses in the Kaiser system retired recently, and they haven't been "replaced" yet. Once Kaiser gets back to hiring again, it may move more quickly on their end.

    I have a little more than 6 years experience, and with Sutter, my pay is around the ballpark Nicki is listing. For California, you probably get the most bang for your buck with Sacramento. Cost of living is EXTREMELY reasonable here when you compare it to the rest of the state (especially the coastal areas).