Sutter Amador Hospital?

  1. Hi,
    I am new to travel nursing and have an offer for Sutter Amador Hospital located in Amador California. Has anyone been to or heard of this hospital? Any information you can share will be greatly appreciated. I have really learned a lot reading this forum and value your opinions. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   TazziRN
    I don't know about Sutter Amador but the Sutter name is a good one.
  4. by   shodobe
    I actually live in West Point about 20 minutes from Sutter/Amador. I don't work there because the OR is small and their practices on how they use their staff is not my cup of tea. Other than that, the present building is almost new, only 2 years old(Ithink) and very nice facility. I really don't know much about staffing and such but if you want to PM me I can tell you all about the area. I have lived up there over 10 years after 40 years in SoCal. I still work in SoCal and travel home every 9 days for 5 days off. I have worked at my present hospital for 30 years and don't want to leave. I can give you all the details later if you want. Mike
  5. by   debi19551
    Thank you. Had never heard about Sutter before except what I am reading on the forums.
  6. by   debi19551
    Thanks Mike, I did PM you, just hope I did it correctly. This is my first post on here so feeling my way around. Thanks for your time
  7. by   v1cky84
    I did my ICU preceptorship at that hospital summer of '06. I had a great experience there. I don't know about the other units, but my experience with the ICU RNs were awesome. They were all very friendly and supportive of me. They worked well together as a team. All the other staff members I met outside the unit were very nice as well. The facility is somewhat new (I think about 2 yr old). In ICU, they used computerized charting system, esp. for assessment charting and drug administrations. Just pm me if you would like to get more information. Hope this helps