Submitting Copy of SSN and Driver's License To Nursing Dept?

  1. I start nursing school in Feb! Yeah. I am so excited. I was wondering if anyone: any other nursing schools were requested to submitt copies of their Social Security Number and their California Driver's License? When we asked the nursing dept they stated due to 'Background Checks', to have something to compare them to. Since the school already has that on file, I am perplexed that they would need that information. I was under the impression that the mybackgroundcheck people verified the name and the SSN matched? Hmm. Any thoughts?
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  3. by   dijaqrn
    This is pretty standard, our school kept copies too and I remember hearing the board required it. Just think of school as your employer, some of the hospitals you'll go to will want these copies also, they'll already be on file.
  4. by   jsluv2run
    That's true, the hospitals and schools are indirectly our employers. Our school never advised us in advance so as we were turning in our paperwork, we were being advised to make copies. Many of us do not keep our SSN's with us. I understand and it's not a big deal for me.I was curious why the changes in policy. Thanks for the reply and info.
  5. by   carol72
    Per my request, just today, I got Cal State Fullerton's info package in the mail. Lots of info about their RN to BSN program, pre reques, the usual deal. What caught my eye was their request for a photocopy of the applicant's health insurance card and auto insurance info.

    Say what?