south california RN salary and monthly cost of living

  1. hello everyone. im a filipino nurse currently working in the uk for over 7 years now. im thinking of moving to south california (l.a., orange county, riverside) or clearwater florida for a better weather. i've been nursing for over 9 years now, 4 years in critical care. i would like to find out what an rn's average salary and cost of living.

    the reason why i posted it here is i thought the best people to ask would be those who actually live in the area im interested in. i shall post the same thread in the florida forum as well. i hope the moderators will understand this.

    would anyone be kind enough to tell me their nurse pay as well as their monthly outgoings. this would just give me a better idea of what a cost of living is like. i do appreciate that it will entirely be different from one person to the other depending on their lifestyle but im hoping this will give me some idea and hopefully help me in making my decisions. summary of what i want to find is as follow


    rn salary per hour
    bi-monthly pay
    appreciate it if anyone can give me their annual salary and corresponding tax deductions (federal tax and state income tax)

    Monthly Outgoings

    house rental ( 3-4 bedroom)
    Utilities gas
    council tax or equivalent
    phone bills

    car insurance . me and my wife (considering we're just new in the states)
    health insurance (family of four)
    malpractice insuranc?
    family entertainment (theme park, theatre, cinema etc.)
    dining out

    anything else you can add please feel free.

    your response will be greatly appreciated
    many thanks once again
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    no one seems to be responding
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    It's kind of a tall order.
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    i know, im really sorry about that. been trying to browse this site for ages and just getting bits of info. i thought if i ask something specific i'll get a specific response after all we're nurses - and are good in documentation/communication
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    I ust sent you a PM
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    Quote from filnurseuk
    rn salary per hour
    $28 to $40 hourly
    house rental ( 3-4 bedroom)
    $1600 to $3000 monthly for something modest.
    Utilities gas
    council tax or equivalent
    phone bills
    My gas bills last year ran about $30 monthly. My electric bill varied. My water bill was about $50 monthly. My phone and internet bill was about $90 monthly. Vehicle gas is about $2.49 per gallon.
    car insurance . me and my wife (considering we're just new in the states)
    It depends on the value of your car. Generally, car insurance is higher-priced in Southern California due to the sheer number of uninsured motorists.
    health insurance (family of four)
    It depends on whether or not your workplace is unionized.
    malpractice insuranc?
    $100 yearly.
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    many thanks for all your response guys. greatly appreciated.

    just a follow up question to the COMMUTER. worked for 9 years, 4 years in critical care, would they consider all those experiences when you apply in critical care unit in ca? your salary range is huge 28-40? with the above experience how much shoul i negotiate, particularly within the la, oc region?

    many thanks in advance.
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    Honestly, I would contact a travel company and work with them at first. They already have contracts and pay for most of your needs rent ect..., and you can find out if you like the area or not with out the huge investment. If you like it then stay, if not travel to another city or go to another hospital in the same area you like. The pay is related to cost of living in the area lower pay may make for a better lifestyle in some cases. Tavel nursing can be like getting them to pay you to check a place out. Don't worry about not having a long term contract as there are jobs everywhere here. If you don't like the travel company you can check into nurse regestry like nurses internet (the one in Bakersfield Ca., a bit north of So.Cal. but it is run by Pinoys). A house in the LA area is can be a big part of your income, a place in Bakersfield is alot more afordable and have a better lifestyle (more for your money). You will still be 2 hours away from the Beach, Disneyland, and all of LA but if you know LA you can be 2 hours away from the beach, Disneyland ect.. and just be 20-50 miles away. I personaly would start with finding a good nurse travel agency and do a few 13 week assignments in a few locations befor making up your mind. You will want a place that has a good community as well for your family or they will be miserable and complain all the time so check it out well. If you want more info about Bakersfield let me know or contact Zaldie at nurses internet about wages ect... here as he has all that. Just to let you know I do not work for them and I am not a recruter I am just trying to answer your questions as best I can. There is also a thread on this site some where about wages if you do a search you can find it, good luck. Jeff
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    thanx jokerhill, my only concern is my wife and kids will be coming along with me when we emigrate, so i have to get it right the first time, i dont think moving from one hospital to another every 13 weeks will be feasible although a great idea indeed. my wife is anurse as well by the way.
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    To me, at least, this is an impossible question to answer without very specific information on the location and the job. SoCal is HUGE and the cost of living and pay varies considerably just within a 30 minute drive.

    Some hospitals have lousy pay, health insurance, etc. others don't. Even gas prices, just as an example, can drop 10 cents a gallon within a few miles since gas stations on the interstate tend to charge more than stations that are farther away from the freeways.

    There's no way to answer these questions accurately because there's too many variables.

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    You don't have to do 13 weeks/3 months you can do longer contracts if you want. We have a few that have two year contracts working with us now. And that is probably the best way but you may have 2 years of wishing you were at the hospital across town making more money. With two of you working you should be able to work and live comfortabley where ever you want. The pay for travlers is higher and they pay your rent ect.. as well as set you up in a place to live. It just seems like a better way to start to me. It's not as secure over the long run 5-10 years or more but to get more money and your rent at least part of it paid is a big deal for 1-2 years can give you a big advantage. For an RN where I work the pay is 26-35 per hour but the travlers are putting 38-45 and hour in their pocket and not having to pay for a place to live approx a $1,500 bonus each month. For two of you that is double and can get you a very nice place here. But agin a 30 min drive in So.Cal. makes a big difference in pay and in cost. The pay is higher in that area compaired to what we have here but I am 2 hrs. away and the cost to live here a alot less.
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    Quote from Jokerhill
    A house in the LA area is can be a big part of your income, a place in Bakersfield is alot more afordable and have a better lifestyle (more for your money).
    I lived in Bakersfield from 2003 to 2005 and sold my home there last year. It is a nice city and more affordable than Los Angeles, but it does not fit most people's standardized idea of sunny 'California'. The city, in my humble opinion, has more similarities to Oklahoma City than Southern California.

    However, I would return there someday if the chance was appealing enough (if home prices drop and wages rise).
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    thinking of riverside, ca, is that a nice area. any big hospitals out there. can anyone tell about unionized and non-unionised hospital? can any one tell me what good benefits i should be getting from a reputable hospitals? any specific tertiary hospitals within the area.

    cardiac icu is my area and my wife is a surgical nurse