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    I was wondering if anybody new anything about the SJSU nursing program? Is it good?Do they have good staff for teaching?What is the NClex passing rate of SJSU?Also I heard from a friend that ati testing and stuff is getting harder there?Is that true?
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  3. by   TazziRN
    My daughter did some research this year about SJ, she was thinking about going there. They are rated as one of the best schools in the state, but I don't know what they're pass rate/retention rate ratio is. I do know they've always been considered one of the best; when I first thought about nursing school 30 years ago SJ's name kept popping up.
  4. by   kimora
    I just graduated from sjsu this past december. Everyone that I know passed the NCLEX the first time. They paid for us to all go to the Kaplan review program. I'm not sure if they always do that. They do have ATI testing after each semester but it's more for your own use; to show you what you need to work on for the NCLEX. There is a comprehensive ATI test before you advance to the final semester and you have to get a percentage correct to progress but they give you a few chances to pass it. It is a very good school and has a great reputation in the bay area.
  5. by   finallyRN
    I graduated from there in 1999. I feel it was a great school. I know that we only lost 5 students in the 3 years to failing classes and I believe that only 8 people did not pass the NCLEX on the first try. We had about 90 in our class. It is a very well respected school here in California. As far as teachers while I was going there one of the professors was the Pres of the BON. I was impressed.
  6. by   pandasmilez
    I'm not in the nursing program yet, but I'm in the process of fulfilling my prereqs and potentially apply for the nursing program. I'm very iffy and nervous about the whole process because I just transfered to SJSU and I'm a little upset with the advisors from the nursing department. No one has given me the time of day or at least sat down to help me figure out where I stand. I'm just worried that nursing is going to fall through for me and I'm sort at crossroads with my career choice if nursing doesn't work. However, I have heard that the nursing program at SJSU is phenomenal, it's just hard to get in.