single moms out there

  1. Hello! I just want to ask those signle moms how they are able to manage working in the hospital and taking care of their kid? Who takes care of your kid while you are out to work? How much do you pay? I will soon go to California and my son is my biggest problem as of the moment. I am really concerned about his own welfare and how I am going to be able to care for him. Please help!
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  3. by   rehab nurse
    how old is your son?

    i always worked afternoons and nights so that i could be home with my kids during the day. my dd is 5 and my ds is 4. my dd will be six in dec and just this year will be starting kindergarten. my ds will be going to half day preschool . i hope to be going to another shift soon.
    i must say, i had the gift of retired parents who have helped me in watching them whenever i have needed it.
    if you are moving to an area that you have no family, try to find out from your new neighbors and new coworkers where some good places are for childcare. maybe your new hospital will have something available?
    it is very hard being a single mom to a small child, but they grow up so very fast and time flies. i hope you can find a solution!
  4. by   gabgab
    My son is turning six this November. Got no relatives in California. Hopefully I could find someone who could take care of my kid
  5. by   rehab nurse
    Quote from gabgab
    My son is turning six this November. Got no relatives in California. Hopefully I could find someone who could take care of my kid
    ok, so he's kindergarten age. just a month old than my daughter!
    so, i see you're from the philippines. what city? i know people all over there? iloilo, cebu, just to name a couple.
    so i take it you're moving over here to work? is that right? if i'm guessing right, are you working night shift? so you'll probably need someone to watch him at night?
    my best advice would be to ask around the hospital, ask other nurses and such where they find childcare. i know i used to have a fellow nurse who worked the opposite shift as me to watch my kids for a while. didn't cost me anything either, we just swapped watching each others kids while the other was at work. i also found a couple people that were students and aides who watched my kids once in a while.
    just keep asking around, research the area where you will be living to see if anyone offers childcare the times you need them.
    just brainstorming here, trying to find you some suggestions!
  6. by   gabgab
    I am from Negros an island beside Cebu . Don't know if I will be working on a night shift but I really hope so. At least all I need is someone to share with the apartment and who is not working at night time so that she could stay with my son. I will just pray that things will turn out ok for me and my kid. Anyway, I really appreciate you taking time to give suggestions. Thank you so much.
  7. by   FutureUSRN
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