Sequoia/San Francisco State Fall 2013 BSN applicants

  1. Hello!
    I wanted to start a forum for applicants that are applying specifically to the Sequoia/SFSU BSN program for Fall 2013. I wanted to invite students who are currently applying, already in the program,or have graduated from the Sequoia program to offer advice to all of us hopefuls out there.
    This is my second year applying to the Sequoia program. Last year I got into the program , but I did not realize I did not have a random 3 unit transcript in on time, so the head of the program told me I couldn't be accepted in...bummer . I have applied again for the Fall 2013 program and can't wait to find out the results in March. Looking forward to hearing from everyone! Good luck!
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  3. by   bayareanurse05
    We should be finding out by the end of March/early April
  4. by   meganko27
    Hello Deanna1990,
    I'm so happy you started this thread! I too am applying to the sfsu/sequoia program. This will be my first time applying so I am really nervous. That is great that you got in last year. Sounds like you have a for sure in this year then. I hope they send out letters in march the waiting is driving me crazy
  5. by   melygina
    Hi Everyone!
    I'm so happy someone initiated this thread. Thanks Meg for letting me know it existed. I have also applied to the SFSU/Canada nursing program for Fall 2013 and cannot wait to find out if I have gotten accepted. I was reading the thread for the 2013 applicants at SFSU nursing program and most of them say they have a great GPA and super high TEAS scores (varying within 86-94). That frightens me! My GPA is high, I live in San Mateo county, speak 2 languages, volunteered, but my Teas isn't that great . Anyhow, this has been a long wait. Please keep us posted with more updates and lets hear of more applicants!!
  6. by   bcmillan
    Hey guys! I am applying this year for next year's program and I was wondering if you could state your GPA, teas scores, and other qualifications you meet, just to have an idea where I stand right. I am pretty anxious. Also, if you could give me some tips about the application process since I should be starting it pretty soon...I hope you all get in...I really do with all my heart ♥ good luck!
  7. by   bayareanurse05
    I really expected the emails to come out by today,even though the office said they wouldnt come out until the end of April, so we would have at least a week to make a decision. oh well, let the wait and hourly email checks continue.
  8. by   meganko27
    I was expecting them to come this Friday until melygina called and they told her end of next week :/ I really wish they would send them out soon. The waiting is making me so nervous! One more week of torture
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  9. by   bayareanurse05
    The main campus program heard back yesterday. Did anyone hear back for the Sequoia program?
  10. by   Bluejemm
    I applied to the SFSU Sequoia program and I am still waiting to hear back from them. Hopefully they will send the rest of us an e-mail on Monday!

    Good Luck Everyone! ☺
  11. by   Bluejemm
    Hi All,

    Check your e-mails! They just sent acceptance notifications for SFSU at Sequoia.

    Good Luck Everyone!
  12. by   bayareanurse05
    So happy! I just received an acceptance email! Good luck to everyone!!
  13. by   melygina
    Quote from deanna1990
    So happy! I just received an acceptance email! Good luck to everyone!!
    Congrats deanna1990!!!! I also got accepted to the Sequoia BSN Program...
    Have you intend to enroll to SFSU yet??? I'm struggling finding how to do it

    I read in the SFSU "to file your Accept Admission Offer please go to the SF State Gateway"

    when you go to and enter your SFSU ID
    does it show Accept admission offer - Pending Admission Decision in blue color? I dont understand why it says Pending Admission Decision?

    This immunizations above shows in blue too?

    Where to I accept my admission offer? I'm a bit confused, I will appreciate your help!
  14. by   bayareanurse05
    My application status has not changed on sfgateway yet either.The email said we have until May 13 to reply with a decision and the intent to enroll as well as the other items still say pending admission. I heard after 48 hrs the status is supposed to change and we can enroll online.You are supposed to send in the two forms with your email to Canada College via snail mail or in person. Hope that helps!!Congratulations!!
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