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  1. by   ShyeoftheTiger
    @all Aww Are you applying to other schools? Did you do well in your sciences? Do you get any other "extra" points?
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  2. by   all89
    I got all A's except in english i have a B. I have a total 68 points i got a 76.7 on the teas i didnt have enough time to take it before the application period. I hope everything works out!
  3. by   ShyeoftheTiger
    All As in the sciences is AWESOME! Good for you all

    Did y'alls letters say they'd get back to you on 2/14? That seems so early...
  4. by   RN-n-Progress
    All89- I agree with shye your A's are amazing. 68 points would have got you in for Spring 2013. So you should be ok. There's always a chance everyone will do great cutting off the rest of us, but the curve seems to be pretty consistent. I just worry about more budget cuts and less students being allowed in. I'm fighting the urge to call and drive them crazy waiting till my letter on the 14th!
  5. by   all89
    Thanks guys! It was ton of work! Do you think the ALL prerequisites apply to English and math too?
  6. by   ShyeoftheTiger
    Quote from all89
    Thanks guys! It was ton of work! Do you think the ALL prerequisites apply to English and math too?
    I think it applies to English and Nutrition, but maybe not math since it's not factored into the 50 points possible for prerequisites... That's just my guess though
  7. by   ShyeoftheTiger
    ::checks calendar::

    Tick, tick, tick

  8. by   all89
    Got the email!
  9. by   RN-n-Progress
    Got my email! Here we go again
  10. by   Ashley_studentRN
    I got my Email too! This is going to be a horrible wait! lol. But another step closer!
  11. by   ShyeoftheTiger
    April 5th will be here before you know it!

    I'm handing in my application on February 25th... I'm still nervous that they will not count my A in A&PI (because of my C in Anatomy at Delta), but we'll see what they say about the course descriptions... It's a combo class so I feel like it has to count for something!
  12. by   Ashley_studentRN
    @shye I hope they give you the highest out of them, but i think it would depend on the one you used on your application. they wont go over and beyond verifying things you didn't include on your application, i would think. im nervous about a few things now too. First, where we list our previous colleges, one of mine was carrington college. where it asks if it is a semester/quarter program, i listed it as quarter year, and now looking back at my delta evaluation of the transcrips, it is actually a semester program. I really hope that won't pose a problem. Also, the "All" prereq thing for the need to needing to get some type of letterhead from a fast food place i worked at over 10 years ago. ugh.....seems impossible. Will keep trying though, do you think i need to call the nursing department to ask them about mistakingly listing my previous school as "quarter"
  13. by   ShyeoftheTiger
    I would definitely ask... I hope they view it as a typo? I'm not sure how important it is... How many prerequisites did you take there?

    As for me, I've hit a snag with verifying my 1,000+ hours patient care experience... It was with the county so I assumed it would be easy to get total hours but no...