San Diego Trauma Center???

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    I was wondering if anyone had any info on any Scripps Hospitals in San Diego. I am from NC and am pursuing a travel nursing position in a couple of months. I know that the hospital is a level 1 trauma center, but I dont know much else about it right now! Any insight would help a lot. I will be traveling with a friend, so anything else I should know about the city would be great too(fun places to sightsee, nightlife, etc.) Thanks in advance!!!
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  3. by   mercyteapot
    I can't tell you a whole lot about the unit itself, but I do think it is interesting to note that Scripps Mercy is less than a mile away from the other Level 1 trauma center in San Diego, which is UCSD Medical Center. I know a few people who have worked at that Scripps Mercy (there is also one in Chula Vista) for years, but 2 of them are in the NICU and the other is in ICU. As for the area that it is located, interestingly, you might expect that in a city that only has 2 Level 1 trauma centers that at least one would be inner city, but not here. Both of them are located in what I consider Mission Hills (although others might say Hillcrest, I'm not sure where one ends and the other begins!) Hillcrest in particular is loaded with great restaurants. Just a few miles south is downtown and the Gaslamp District, which has lots of restaurants and clubs. The closest beaches are Ocean Beach, which has a bit of a bohemian feel, Mission and Pacific Beaches, which are more the stereotypical Southern Californian type of beach or the beaches of La Jolla, which are lovely. Coronado's Silver Strand is just over the bridge from downtown. The only drawback to living here is that, IMHO, is that housing is so expensive. Be prepared to make some sacrifices in terms of space and/or luxury.
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    There are several Scripps Hospitals, the one w/the Trauma Center is Scripps Mercy in Hillcrest. I honestly think they see more trauma than UCSD, but I haven't actually seen the #s.