Samuel Merritt University ELMSN-CM Fall 2013

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I started a thread a couple of days ago but the title was vague so I hope this attracts more readers and future SMU applicants! I am applying for the Fall 2013 cohort for case management and wanted to start a thread like other cohorts to meet other applicants and support each other during the "waiting period"! This is my first time applying to grad school/nursing program so everything is new, exciting, and terrifying! I am finishing up my BA in Human Development and hope to continue on towards my dreams by getting into this program.
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  3. by   yay123
    Hi, I am planning on applying for the ELMSN-FNP program. Have you completed your application yet? This provokes so much anxiety!
  4. by   lalalove
    Hi...I'm applying to the CM program and I'm super nervous..Well first of all I mailed my application off yesturday but forgot to seal the manila folder; however, I did fold the metal clamps. I'm scared it won't make it there...but any who how is everyone's apps going well given the deadline is tomorrow
  5. by   driven2012
    Hey Everyone!

    I just submitted my application today as well just in time for the deadline! I dropped mine off personally as a letter of recommendation was not ready until last minute and I had no time to mail in my about stressful. I am glad that it is out of our hands for now and all we can do is wait! How is everyone feeling? By the way I applied for the ELMSN-Case Management
  6. by   lalalove
    Hi driven2012- I feel pretty good given the fact that case management isn't as competitive as FNP...but I still don't know what to expect. They only pick 24 people and thats not a do you feel?
  7. by   driven2012
    Hey lalalove

    I do find some solace knowing that FNP is far more competitive but as you said CM is only 24 spots as well and that is still a small number of slots. When I dropped my application off I noticed the bins that were for CM or FNP and the FNP bins (yes, multiple) were jam packed with manila and postmarked envelopes. The CM bin had a good amount of applications in it as well but far less then FNP. I feel relieved right now just because the application is complete and out of my hands but I am sure are the weeks start going by I will start to get anxious. It doesn't help reading threads from previous cohorts and hearing that CM usually get hear back much sooner than FNP applicants and the school never seems consistant in how they contact people so I remember reading a lot about some people getting email confirmations while other's heard back via phone or some got neither! I will just enjoy my stress and worry free moments while I can
  8. by   lalalove
    I know right...and also after reading other post it seems like a lot of FNP candidates were referred to the CM program and were offered admission. But we will see how everything goes. Did you apply to any other nursing program?
  9. by   driven2012
    I only applied to SMU so far. The other schools of interest for me are in San Francisco and their apps dates are a little further out. How about you?
  10. by   lalalove
    This is the only program I applied to as well so I'm really hoping this works out for me. I wanted to apply to UCSF but the deadline has past...
  11. by   driven2012
    Well good luck to you! I plan on applying to USF next October if I do not get in to SMU.
  12. by   lalalove
    Yes same here..Good luck to you too..Hopefully more people join the forum..but if I hear anything from SMU I will post on here
  13. by   Ramboramirez11
    I applied to ELMSN FNP as well.. exciting times,

    goodluck to everyone!
  14. by   xzalense
    Hi, I'm currently in the program. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm pretty busy though, so I'll try my best! =)