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:monkeydance: I got into the waiting list for the BSN Fall 07. Is anybody else in same shoes? Do you know how many people from the waiting list usually get in? How many total spaces are in the... Read More

  1. by   amzyRN
    Quote from cuppy
    I thought my tuition alone was more than 48K, but once you add in transportation, books, parking, uniforms and supplies for clinicals( stethescope..) and if you plan on not working,(which I do not know how anyone could work during this program) cobra or some type of health insurance. I am thinking off the top of my head, but if you want to PM me I would be happy to go into more detail. I am not figuring in rent, food or housing bills, but just all the costs associated with school. Your expenses may be much less. Books were $700 one quarter, and then 300.00 the next. And every 5 weeks or so you change classes.
    I have seen posts on here where people have commented on how easy it is to get into the San Francisco or Peninsula program. That surprises me because it was very competitive for my class. We were told that over 300 people were narrowed down, and only 95-100 were chosen from them. In my class many people had their Masters
    degree's and even one had a doctorate.
    So, are you satisfied with the program and do you think it was well worth the money, because I am a little worried about going into that much debt. I also think that the SF program was not that easy to get into. I worked hard to get into that program. I also got into a private school in New York, but have decided to stay here and go to SM. I have heard lots of good things about the ABSN-SF program, but would like to know how you felt about it. Thanks much for any insight, I really appreciate it a lot. Good luck and I hope you find a really cool job!
  2. by   emy912

    She graduated May 2007 and she didn't work at all. She went to the Oakland campus and spent the night 4 days a week, so her mother in law took care of the kids and her home while she was away at school. She did her preceptorship in Pleasanton and got a job at L&D at her home town before she graduated.
  3. by   Rianna1
    hi cuppy,
    do you know what the average pre-req GPA and NET was for your class?

    Also, what location did you graduate from and how is the job hunt?
  4. by   cuppy
    Hi Nathanielandiranna-
    I graduated from SF location. I was in the first SF cohort to come out of SM ABSN program. The average GPA was approx 3.4-3.6, and the net was about an 85 or so. I did not get these figures from the school, but everyone in our class was quite close as the year went on, and from what I knew about what the individual scores were on the NET, (which is a very easy and basic test) they were all well into the 80's. The job hunt was challenging at first, but if I had known then, what I know now, I would have applied for the new grad training programs in January while I was still in school. It is never to early to start looking. The bay area only runs training programs for new grads once, or maybe twice a year, (if you want a special area of training) and the competition is great. Everyone I know has eventually gotten a job, but it took a lot of effort.
    Good Luck!!! If you have any other specific questions, feel free to PM me.
  5. by   ayu4
    hi, i got into the sf absn program which starts in nov 2007. i was wondering if you guys have any tips as to how survive the program. thanks.
  6. by   bluechick112
    Hello to all who still check this thread!

    I was wondering how/when/where you all requested a specific campus location for Samuel Merritt?

    I applied for the fall 2009 entry and can't remember there being an area for me to choose which campus I'd like to go to. I'd really be OK with going to any of them (I'm willing to relocate if necessary), and I'd like to be considered for all. Does this happen?

    Thanks to anyone who replies!
  7. by   ayu4
    hi bluechick112
    as i remember it, we pick a specific campus (sf, oakland, san mateo) somewhere in the app. maybe you can check it again or call someone from admissions? good luck!
  8. by   bluechick112
    Hello all,

    I know this thread is a couple of years old, but I'm in the same shoes as the original poster. I got waitlisted for this fall '09 entry at Samuel Merritt for their generic BSN program. Does anyone know how many people on the waitlist typically get in?

  9. by   cmgabriel89
    Hello all,
    I am also on the waiting list for Samuel Merritt's BSN program for the fall of '09. I'm still waiting to hear from them on an update of my waiting list status. Does anyone know how many from the waiting list get in? Anyone also on the waiting list for the fall of '09?
  10. by   bluechick112
    I'm so glad I'm not the only one waiting to hear back.

    I heard that they only admitted 4-6 people on the waitlist last fall (eek!) Mind if I ask what number you are on the waitlist?
  11. by   cmgabriel89
    whoa, only 4-6?! :/
    i'm number 17 on the waitlist. what number are you?
  12. by   bluechick112
    I'm number 11. Ugggh. Isn't the wait absolutely awful? But yeah, 4-6! I contacted the person in charge of calling people (I'm not allowed to mention her name here on the forum due to terms of use violations) and she said it would be pretty unusual if I did get in considering their history of only accepting a few people off the waitlist each semester.

    My friend's currently attending their program (she was admitted for this past Spring semester) and she was #3 on the waitlist and she was admitted 2 months after her waitlist notification was received!!! 2 MONTHS! and she was #3!!! AHHHH! I'm going to PM you because I have loads of questions if that's alright.

    Check your inbox.
  13. by   cmgabriel89
    i got your private message, but it says i don't have permission to send private messages. if you PM me your e-mail address, i can reply to you through e-mail.