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Starting a new thread for the Spring 2011 SMU applicants for the Sacramento Campus and all others as well. Post your stats, any other important information you might have heard about the... Read More

  1. by   ilnurse15
    I didn't know you could apply to both. Is that common and does it increase your chances or negatively impact them at all?
  2. by   Victory925
    Holy COW! Your undergrad GPA is 3.97! Congratz on that! I never even met anyone who's maintained above a 3.9. That's really amazing!!!!

    Well, you should get into ANY program you apply to, hopefully the Case Managment- because you'll get a Master's level degree and with your stats, you seem more than worthy!!!

  3. by   greatpyr_mom
    I asked that same question to the admissions counselor and she said that it does not negatively impact your potential admission into any program. So on that advice, I applied for both programs, which will increase my chances of getting accepted in one of these programs (I'm hoping )

    That's Victory for the compliment. I worked very hard for those grades, like I'm sure everyone else does who is applying to these programs. Man, the competition is high! I figure I'll get into a program when the timing is right. Things always happen for a reason.

    I'm interested in Case Management because I think it will be a good fit with my BS in business. However, I think I'll really like hands on patient care too. Right now I volunteer at UC Davis Med Center, and I love helping the nursing care for the patients. The nurses on my ward are great, they are pulling me in and including me on procedures, and showing me a lot of stuff.

    Last week I got to sit in on an in service on an indwelling rectal catheter. It was interesting. I can't believe some day I'll actually be doing that sort of procedure on someone! I'm looking forward to learning all this stuff, crazy as it sounds, even the 'poopy' jobs sound fun!
  4. by   ilnurse15
    Wow, that all sounds really exciting. I just submitted my application to the ELM FNP program and the ABSN program, I'm really nervous/excited!
  5. by   Victory925
    Good luck all! When I went to the admissions overview they said they were more concerned with the *quality of the person* - I assume they mean their past community involvement and their reasoning to want to enter the nursing field, rather than their overall stats.

    So I made sure that I listed every single community enrichment I was ever involved with as well as focusing on them in the essay.

    UGH- I'm nervous. I got into a Interpersonal Communication for this summer. It starts next week and ends in July. That will be my last pre-req for the SMU!

  6. by   greatpyr_mom
    Yeah, I think they are looking for a mix of all the characteristics. They want the 'total package' nursing student!
  7. by   rjcurran
    First of all, I was so happy to stumble upon this website tonight. It is nice to know that everyone is freaking out just as much as I am. I'm sure my boyfriend is much happier now that I will have some other people to vent to.

    I do have a specific question about the last 60 GPA calc: So do you know if they count the last 60 hours listed on the transcript OR do they take the highest grade for the course in the last semester that would total 60 hrs? For instance, counting back on my transcripts, I calculate 52 hours at the end of the summer term of 2003, BUT I took 12 hours during the spring of 2003. They need to take 8 hours from that semester to account for the 60-hour GPA, but do you by chance have any idea which ones they will take? That semester was a little rough for me, and I had 1 A, 2 B's, and 1 C. I hope they take the A and one of the B's, but I am not sure. I calculated it both ways, and it makes a difference of a tenth of a point, which is huge.
  8. by   ilnurse15
    I was wondering that too. I think they might take the entire semester. I think it might be difficult to spilt up a semester like that. If not then I think that they might take it based on the way it's listed on your transcript. For instance going backwards: math C, english B, Chem A, They might just take the last two to get you to 60. what program(s) are you appyling to?
  9. by   rjcurran
    Thanks for the feedback. I was afraid of that bc my 'C' is the last one on the transcript that totals 60 hrs -- yikes! That's OK. I am determined to remain optimistic.

    I am applying for the ABSN San Mateo Spring 2011 Cohort. I live in San Francisco. I see that you are coming all the way from IL. Congrats!

    Do you know anything about the TEAS? I honestly didn't think the test was that big of a deal until I started reading some of the posts from applicants who applied to previous cohorts. I went to an information session at SMU, and they made it seem like they only looked at the score to make sure applicants made the minimum score. They said that they would only use it in a situation where 2 candidates were in equal and they had to choose between the 2 of them. After reading this website, I am not so sure that is the case. I got an 81.2, and that seems pretty low compared to everyone else's score that I have seen on here. So does anyone have any insight to what the "real" minimum score is? Thanks in advance.
  10. by   ilnurse15
    I was wondering that too, I think that as long as you meet all requirements and have what they are looking for you are good. You are the first person that I have read that has chosen San Mateo as their first choice. I picked Sacramento for my first choice. I was wondering if anyone has heard of anyone else applying to the ELMN FNP program. I have not read anything on that and I haven't been able to find anything online like a blog about it.
  11. by   Victory925
    I haven't read anything on it either. I would hope they choose the highest grade, BUT for timing purposes, it would seem the chose the last grade on the transcript to be more efficient.
  12. by   MStar
    Hello all! I just stumbled on this site and it's so helpful to hear all this great information from all the people applying to SMU.

    I applied to the San Mateo Spring 2011 ABSN cohort at 11:50 on June 30th :b (I was rewriting my personal statement for the millionth time!) I'm so glad at least the application part of the process is done!

    Here are my stats:
    Science G.P.A.= 4.0 (but currently taking my last class - Microbio)
    Overall G.P.A. = 3.37
    Teas= 92.9 (97.5 - Reading, 100 - Math)

    lots of healthcare volunteer experience (ER, hearing screener at Lucile Packard, research assistant)
    lots regular volunteer experience (anatomy teaching assistant, + lots more)

    Does anyone know when we're supposed to hear back? We still all need to reapply September 1st, right?
    Good luck to all of you!
  13. by   ilnurse15
    Hi, What do you mean we need to reapply by September 1?