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How intensive is an ABSN program? I'm applying to Samuel Merritt College in N. California and was wondering how often and how long are classes? Also, how much time do you spend studying outside of... Read More

  1. by   biggiecali
    <P>Machonurse overall are you glad you went to SMU?&nbsp; or would you have prefered to go somewhere else?&nbsp; How are the job outlooks looking for you guys as you get closer to graduation?&nbsp; Are you scared? It seems that all talk is gloomy and scary about the job outlook for new grads in the bay area.&nbsp; I have applied to the S.F. November cohort and am worried if it is the right thing to do right now given the job issues and the economy and the money...and the list goes on.&nbsp; Any advise as someone who's been there?&nbsp; And is doing it?&nbsp; Thanks Macho!</P>
  2. by   MachoNurse
    Hi Biggiecali,

    I'd say that overall, I'm disappointed with what appears to be acceptable of a nursing education in general. Everyone keeps saying, "Oh, I didn't learn anything in nursing school. You get it all on the job." As a former educator, I just don't buy that. And I think it's worse in an ABSN program. I think that what doesn't work about any ABSN program is that you cannot "accelerate" learning. Thus, the "A" should really stand for abridged, because that's what happens, things get left out. Anyway, to answer your question, if I focus on the two main reasons that I chose Samuel Merritt, I have no complaints. Those two reasons were: in Oakland and fast. They have delivered on both of those!

    If I could do it again, I might have considered leaving the area for a non-accelerated BS or MS program. I'm 46 in a few weeks, so time was and is a factor! Then again, they say that time is an illusion...

    Final advice: keep your expectations low and practice good self-care, where ever you go to school.

    Good luck!
    El Macho
  3. by   dmskoka
    Quote from Nurse Salt
    I was offered my job in mid-May, just before graduation, I began in mid-July. I completely feel your frustrations! My class was extremely united so when admin pushed us, 45 of us pushed back, HARD! I'm sorry you are having a poor experience, I too was given an opportunity to go to another school, and am very happy I chose SMC, I would just be graduating this May and instead I am out there getting great experiences (and getting paid for it!!!). One more piece of advice I can give you is: what they teach you in nursing school is merely a foundation, and a solid foundation is key. You will not perfect ANYTHING in school, just become familiar with things and when you get into the real world things will come together. one more positive thing, you are learning how flaky and fickle administration can be. Good luck, let me know if I can help you with anything else!
    Hi I have been accepted into 3 accelerated programs and am on a waiting list for Arizona where it is sponsored by a hospital. You work for them and they pay tuition.. OF course what I want.. but.. I like the school in los angeles.. very small and friendly.. first name basis where S.M. seems so impersonable.. anyway I have seen some of the intructors where I volunteer and they seem great. I know all schools have good and bad.. Can you comment on what you meant when you said admin pushed and 45 of you pished back.. Is this something specific that happened?
    Thanks !!! I am so scared of debt especially now since no one is finding jobs,...
  4. by   Izzy16
    I am hopping someone knows the answer.... I have taken NET two times and first time did better in math but second time did better in English. Can Samuel Merritt take one test result from each section or do they look at one test only? HELP!!! Thanks!